“Why don’t you let Kane go?” says Levy on live TV… German journalist: “Your negotiations suck”

“Why don’t you let Kane go?” says Levy on live TV… German journalist: “Your negotiations suck”

European transfer market expert Florian Plettenberg, 42, took a swipe at Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, 61, during a live broadcast.바카라사이트 He demanded that Harry Kane (30) be sold to Bayern Munich.

“Plettenberg lashed out at Levy during the live broadcast,” the UK’s Sports Bible reported on 9 September.

Munich made a move for Kane at the end of last season. After Robert Lewandowski, their front man for eight seasons, left for Barcelona, they were left without a suitable replacement. Serge Gnabry, the team’s top scorer with 14 league goals, has stepped up, but he is more of a winger or second striker than a frontline striker.

Munich’s first transfer offer for Kane dates back two months. They made an initial offer of £60m in June, but Levy didn’t even snort. They then upped the ante in July with a second offer of £75m, but Levy remained unresponsive.

Munich president Jan Christian Dresden and technical director Marco Neppe then travelled to London, England, to meet with Levy instead of accompanying him on Munich’s Asian tour. Dresden had lunch with Levy and offered him €95 million, including incentives. But again, it was to no avail. Munich’s first, second, and third offers were met with a characteristic ‘silence’.

A few days later, Munich made Levy a final offer of €100 million. However, Levy did not change his stance that he would only negotiate above €120 million. With the burning in Munich behind him, Levy flew to Miami, USA, for a leisurely holiday. It was a de facto rejection.

Plettenberg, a journalist for the German edition of Sky Sports, has been covering the Kane saga for the past few months and has been a vocal advocate for Munich’s need for a new striker. He is also known for breaking the story of Kim Min-jae’s move to Munich.

${IC22}While explaining the circumstances of Kane’s transfer during a live broadcast on “Sky Sports,” Plettenberg turned to the camera and shouted, “Mr Levy, if you’re watching me, please accept Munich’s offer! Let Kane go to Munich,” he urged. “The negotiations are going nowhere and I’m getting more and more annoyed, and it’s not just the fans (who are getting annoyed), it’s me,” he said, taking a jab at Levy’s negotiating style.

However, it seems unlikely that Levy will let Kane go despite his strong requests. “Plettenberg’s opinion is likely to be ignored,” says Sports Illustrated. Levy wants to hold on to Kane, who is a mainstay of the Spurs and an important asset,” explained the report. “If the deal goes through, it would be Munich’s highest transfer fee in club history. However, Munich coach Thomas Tuchel will likely have to field a squad without Kane.”

Kane has one year left on his Tottenham contract. Even if he doesn’t make the move to Munich this summer, he will likely leave Spurs as a free agent next year. “Spurs need to resolve Kane’s transfer before the transfer window closes,” said Sports Illustrated. A re-signing could be the solution for Spurs,” and “a new contract would be a huge boost for new manager Postecoglou.”

Levy, who is keen to keep Kane, is also set to offer him the highest weekly wage in the English Premier League (EPL). Last month, according to Britain’s Telegraph, Levy pulled out the £400,000-a-week card for Kane. If the offer goes through, Kane will join Elling Holland and Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) as the highest paid players in the EPL.

Meanwhile, Kane is well into the EPL pre-season schedule ahead of the new season. Head coach Enze Postecoglou has put his faith in Kane by starting him in three of the last four games, and he repaid his new manager’s faith with a four-goal outburst against Donetsk Shakhtar (Ukraine) at Tottenham’s home on 8 August.

We are now just four days away from the start of the EPL. Tottenham will open their EPL campaign on the 13th against Brentford. “Kane hopes to finalise his decision before the start of the EPL. Kane has no intention of leaving once the league starts,” the German newspaper said, suggesting that Kane is likely to stay at Tottenham.

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