‘Asian Games’ final roster selection KT Ha Yun-ki “With the mindset of going to war—“

‘Asian Games’ final roster selection KT Ha Yun-ki “With the mindset of going to war—“

Ha Yun-ki (24, 204cm) was thrilled to be named to the final roster for the Asian Games.

The Korean Basketball Association announced the 12-man roster for the men’s national basketball team to compete at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games in a press release on 11 November. 카지노After missing out on last year’s FIBA Asia Cup roster, Ha Yun-ki has come into the Asian Games with a newfound confidence after improving his game last season. He will be joined by Kim Jong-kyu (DB), Lee Seung-hyun and Ra Gun-ah (KCC) in the frontcourt.

Speaking to us at KT Victory on the 11th, Ha said, “The national team was disbanded on the 8th as I was unable to participate in the Olympic Pre-Qualifiers. I’m currently training privately in Suwon. I heard the news of the Asian Games roster today (11th) and I’m very happy. It’s a dream roster and I’m excited to compete in the Asian Games,” he said of his selection.

Ha Yun-ki impressed in an exhibition match against Japan at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 22nd and 23rd of last month. He turned heads with his dunks and blocked shots that utilised his superior athleticism, recording 10 points, six rebounds and four blocked shots in the first game and 14 points, one rebound and two blocked shots in the second game.

“I was actually very nervous then. I couldn’t sleep because I knew I had to prove myself, and the Korea-Japan game had a special meaning. I was very nervous, but my brothers helped me from the sidelines. They saw a lot of my chances, so I was able to play well.” Ha said.

Since last season, Ha has been focusing on developing her mid-range shot. He even scored a goal from mid-range in an exhibition match against Japan. If he can develop a more accurate shot, his value will only increase.

“For myself, I think the biggest change is that I increased the number of mid-range shots. I feel more comfortable attacking one-on-one when I have more mid-range shots. I think I can do a lot more if I can make shots,” he said.

The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from the 23rd of next month. The team, including Ha, will reconvene on the 13th to continue their preparations for the Asian Games.

“I think we need to be strong in our mindset. “I’m going into the game with the mindset of going to war. My position is particularly physical, and I have a lot of older brothers who can help me in attack, so I will focus on physicality and hard work.”

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