[IS Interview] ‘Yoon Jup Tae’, come and visit us on YouTube

[IS Interview] ‘Yoon Jup Tae’, come and visit us on YouTube

‘Veteran striker’ Yoon Joo-tae (33, Ansan Greeners) has started to combine his football career with his work as a creator. He runs the YouTube channel ‘YoonJooTae’, which he nicknamed after himself, and his goal as a YouTuber is to beat his teammates.

“I started YouTube because I wanted to make a record,” he told us recently at Ansan’s home stadium, Wah~ Stadium. I wanted to answer the fans’ questions, so I’m going to film what’s going on in the locker room and how the players are doing after the game. I try to do a lot of things that fans want,” he said.

Yoon Joo-tae, a “novice creator” who uploaded his first video on the 21st of last month, has already posted eight pieces of content, excluding shorts (short videos), which is a “storm upload”. However, he doesn’t plan to focus on YouTube because “I’m still awkward at filming,” he says. Football comes first.

“I can’t leave everything to him, but he has an editor and he takes videos,” Yoon says, adding, “Football is my priority right now. I told my editor that I wanted to do YouTube as long as I could focus on football, so we started together. It was a question of whether I could focus on football or not. I want to manage it well and have a long football life.”바카라사이트

Yoon scored four goals in a Super Match against Suwon Samsung for FC Seoul in November 2015 (Photo: KFA)

Yoon made his professional debut with FSV Frankfurt in 2011 and became a fan favourite after joining FC Seoul in January 2014. He spent six seasons in Seoul, excluding his military service, and made a strong impression in November 2015, scoring four goals in a super match against Suwon Samsung on his own. Many fans still remember “Yoon Joo-tae’s day.

He says, “The idea of doing something on YouTube is still small. I received a lot of love in Seoul, and I want to give back. I think I can give back by communicating with fans through YouTube. Other athletes have meals with their fans, but I’m still not used to it. It would be nice to have a meal with the fans through YouTube.”

Yoon Joo-tae has been playing for the Ansan Greeners since the 2023 season (Photo: KFA)

The channel name ‘YoonJooTae’ is one that will stick in the minds of fans. “(The late) Johan (FC Seoul) wanted me to include my brother’s nickname, ‘Jupjup’ (a nickname given to me because I was good at picking up goals),” he said, adding, “I have no intention of changing the channel name. Fans also call me Yoon Jup Tae. I think the channel name resonates with them,” he laughed.

He hasn’t set any grandiose ‘goals’. “I don’t intend to compete with football players, but I want to win, and I will catch up with them,” he said, pointing to Shin Kwang-hoon and Baek Sung-dong (Pohang Steelers). With more than 700 subscribers, Yoon has already surpassed Shin Kwang-hoon’s Hunkwang Shin Kwang-hoon channel (494) and is closely followed by Baek Sung-dong’s Sundoni TV (909). Of course, Shin Kwang-hoon and Baek Sung-dong upload relatively infrequently.

Yoon Joo-tae said, “If you comment, we can answer your questions. I’ll try to take a video that doesn’t interfere with the football as much as possible. I have a variety of videos right now. Some people are curious about not only football but also the players’ fashion. Sometimes I’ll show you items I’ve bought, shoes, etc,” he enticed.

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