‘Ugly duckling’ Boultuis turns things around… ‘Last place escape’ Suwon, now it’s the turn of quiet foreign strikers

‘Ugly duckling’ Boultuis turns things around… ‘Last place escape’ Suwon, now it’s the turn of quiet foreign strikers

Now it’s the turn of the foreign strikers.

Suwon beat Jeju United 1-0 in round 27 to stay off the bottom of the table again. Suwon (22 points) moved to within two points of last-place Gangwon FC (20 points).바카라사이트 It was also their first win since August. Defender Boultuis was the star of the show. Vultuis hasn’t been given a chance since Kim Byung-soo took over as coach. He returned to action on 12 July against Jeonbuk Hyundai (1-1 draw) after a two-month absence and scored the winning header in Jeju to give the team a valuable victory.

After going unbeaten in five games in July (two wins and three draws), Suwon won one, drew one and lost one in three games in August. A loss in the ‘Suwon Derby’ and a draw against Jeonbuk Hyundai threatened to derail their momentum, but they managed to turn things around.

Werik Popo (centre). Courtesy | KFA

It’s the second half of the season for Suwon, where foreign strikers need to step up. Suwon hasn’t received much goal-scoring support from foreign strikers this season. Mulicic, who was brought in to replace Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic), is the team’s top scorer with four goals. However, he hasn’t lived up to expectations. Suwon doesn’t have a single player in the top 20 scorers. To make matters worse, Mulicic has been in and out of the squad due to a series of injuries. This makes it difficult for him to maintain his fitness and match fitness. In particular, Mulicic has played 12 league games, with only two starts.

Flanker Acosti has just two goals (and two assists) as he continues to be hampered by injury. Acosti hasn’t scored in over five months, since March 19 against Daejeon Hana Citizens (1-3 loss). His trademark explosive breakthroughs are nowhere to be seen. Bassani, who has been a one-two punch, also has two goals. Bassani hasn’t been a regular on the roster either.

Frontline striker Weric Popo, a summer signing, is still finding his feet. “It’s a matter of adjustment, but he’s too motivated and feels a lot of pressure,” Kim said. After two games, Popo was dropped from the squad against Jeju. The forward’s movement is not bad, so he is likely to go through an adjustment period.

Suwon will travel to Gwangju FC on the 27th. Suwon has 27 goals in 27 games, which is just over one goal per game. Along with Gangwon (19), they are the only two teams to fall short of 30 goals. Fortunately, frontline striker Ahn Byung-jun returned to action against Jeju. With foreign strikers stepping up to the plate, Suwon has a better chance of rebounding.

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