Vietnam also in danger of being overtaken! Cesar Ho falls to 37th in world rankings…Thailand jumps to 14th

Vietnam also in danger of being overtaken! Cesar Ho falls to 37th in world rankings…Thailand jumps to 14th

As I feared, we were defeated. They were outplayed in the basics and were unable to overcome the road disadvantage. The South Korean women’s volleyball team, led by head coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez, hung its head in shame after suffering a shutout loss to Thailand on Wednesday (KST).안전놀이터

It was the first time they failed to reach the quarterfinals of the Asian Championships. After falling to Vietnam in straight sets, 2-3, in the group stage, they were brought to their knees by Thailand, 0-3, in the first game of the quarterfinals. Regardless of the outcome of their match against Australia on Thursday, they were denied a spot in the quarterfinals. They slipped to the 5th-8th place match. 

Their world ranking dropped further. They were ranked 35th before the tournament, but after losing to Vietnam and Thailand, they dropped to 37th. At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, he was ranked in the top 10 after defeating some of the world’s top players, but in just two years, he has plummeted to the bottom 40.

Cesarho finished last in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) last year and this year with a 12-match losing streak. They have fallen far behind the top teams in the world, and even to Thailand, a team they have always looked down on. Against Thailand, they have lost their last four matches in a row. They lost two straight VNLs, the World Championship, and now this tournament, going 0-3 overall.

The outlook for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which kicks off on September 23, is also very bleak. Behind China, Japan, and Thailand, the team has fallen to second place in Asia. There are many predictions that the team will struggle to win a medal, let alone a gold medal. South Korea’s women’s volleyball team is paying the price for its failure to change generations and strengthen the national team.

Thailand, which overtook South Korea to round out Asia’s top three, jumped to No. 14 in the world rankings. China is the highest-ranked Asian team at No. 5, followed by Japan at No. 8. South Korea slipped to 37th, just two spots ahead of Vietnam (39th), which has been performing well at the tournament.

Women’s Volleyball World Rankings (as of Day 4)
1 Turkiye
2 USA|3
3rd Serbia
4 Brazil
5th China
6th Italy
7th Poland
8th Japan
9th Netherlands
10th Dominican Republic
14th Thailand
37th South Korea
39th Vietnam

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