[TALKBOX] “It’s all about the aftermath of the streak… you can’t keep winning”

[TALKBOX] “It’s all about the aftermath of the streak… you can’t keep winning”

“I don’t think we’ll have an outline until early October.”

In the KBO, KIA is on a roll. The team has won a season-high eight straight games to climb the standings. The team has secured a spot in the fall baseball season. 메이저사이트 The team is now in a position to challenge for a higher ranking than fifth place. If the team’s performance during the winning streak, which lasted from March 24 to March 3, is any indication, they’re in good shape. With the power of their hot bats, they have dominated all of their opponents. This is what KIA is hoping for.

However, manager Kim Jong-kook is cautious. Looking ahead to their ninth straight win against Doosan in Jamsil on June 6, he said, “I don’t care about the standings at all. Even if we go up right now, there are too many games left. We don’t know when and how things will change,” he said, remaining vigilant. “We won’t have a clear picture of the rankings until early October after the Asian Games,” he said.

“I’m actually a little anxious. The aftermath is more important than the winning streak. You can’t keep winning. We’re going to lose at some point, but it’s important to get through the next game well,” he said, expressing his determination for the rest of the season.

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