‘Social media antagonist’ Man Utd’s Sancho abandoned by teammates—all he has left is a Saudi loan

‘Social media antagonist’ Man Utd’s Sancho abandoned by teammates—all he has left is a Saudi loan

Jadon Sancho (23-Manchester United) has lost the trust of his teammates.

“Jadon Sancho, who showed his anger after Manchester United’s loss to Arsenal, now faces a battle to earn the trust of his teammates as well as manager Eric ten Hagh,” ESPN reported on Aug. 8.

Sancho was left out of the squad for the last game against Arsenal. Ten Hagg revealed after the game that Sancho had been disappointing in training and was left out of the squad as a result.

Angered by this, Sancho took to social media to strongly refute Wenger’s claims. Sancho wrote, “Don’t believe everything you read. I will not allow people to say things that are not true. I trained very well this week. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time and it’s unfair,메이저사이트” he claimed.

“According to one source, there is little sympathy for Sancho in the United dressing room. His teammates are fed up with him,” the publication said of Sancho’s current situation.

“Sancho’s behavior on the training ground, on the pitch and around the club has meant that he is no longer seen as an important player for the club, and he has also become very annoying to Van Gaal and his staff.”

Van Gaal has a strict discipline within his team. He publicly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo (38-Al Nasr) twice before he left the team and left Marcus Rashford (26) out of the starting lineup last season when he was late for a team meeting.

United’s players have accepted and supported the policy. This applies to all players without exception. Because of this, Sancho”s behavior has been received negatively by the squad and they no longer see him in a positive light.

Sancho is currently at the bottom of his game and seems to be completely out of the picture at United. According to multiple outlets, Sancho and Van Gaal are expected to hold talks about his future ahead of next weekend’s game against Brighton.

United recently held talks with Saudi Arabian side Al Etihad over a loan move for Sancho, but no deal has yet been finalized. Sancho is at a crossroads between staying at United and languishing without playing time, or heading to Saudi Arabia on loan.

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