Annual salary of 400 billion won He left for Saudi Arabia, but Neymar ‘surpasses Pele’ and is a ‘legend’ with 79 goals in total in Brazil

Annual salary of 400 billion won He left for Saudi Arabia, but Neymar ‘surpasses Pele’ and is a ‘legend’ with 79 goals in total in Brazil

This summer, he left Europe to join South Arabia and received an astronomical salary,토토사이트 but his influence as Brazil’s number 10 still remained. Neymar broke Pele’s record by scoring in the international match.

Brazil defeated Bolivia 5-1 in the South American qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup held at Estagio Mangeirão, Belém, Brazil on the 9th (Korean time). Since they went through the Qatar World Cup qualifiers undefeated, they also took the first step in the North and Central America World Cup qualifiers.

Brazil had the upper hand in terms of objective power and dominated from the beginning. Brazil attacked Bolivia from the first half. A penalty kick was awarded in the 17th minute of the first half, and Neymar took the kick, but was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper and was disappointed. Even though they missed the penalty kick, Brazil’s attack was fierce, and Rodrygo set the tone by scoring the first goal in the 25th minute of the first half.

Brazil, which took a lead in the first half, attacked fiercely in the second half. After completing the warm-up in the first half, they broke through the opponent’s defense in two minutes in the second half. In the 2nd minute of the second half, Rafinha opened the scoring, and in the 8th minute of the second half, Rodrygo added another goal to complete the multi-goal tally. Afterwards, it was Neymar’s stage where he missed the penalty kick. In the 16th minute of the second half, he hit the ball straight in the box and hit the net. Even just before the end of the game, he scored an additional goal and was responsible for the team’s victory with multiple goals.

Playing full-time, Neymar had 96 touches, a 90% passing success rate (60 out of 67 successful), 4 key passes, 4 effective shots, 7 successful dribbles (10 attempts), and 10 ground duels (16). attempts), etc. were recorded. The ‘Sofa Score’ standard rating was 9.8 points. With a rating close to 10, Neymar showed off his ace-like qualities.

Before the Brazil-Bolivia match took place, a special record caught the attention of soccer fans around the world. Neymar had scored 77 goals for the Brazilian national team before the Bolivia match. He was just one goal away from Pele’s all-time record for Brazilian goals (78). He scored 79 goals with multiple goals against Bolivia, becoming the sole leader, tying Brazil’s all-time scoring record.

Brazil’s acting coach Fernando said, “Neymar scored a goal and broke a huge record. He showed that he has a great will to be with the national team. Neymar is a great Brazilian hero. People should recognize it. Neymar works hard to be loved. “No, he has natural talent,” he said, applauding.

Neymar, who rewrote Brazilian soccer history, was also happy. After scoring 79 goals in his career for Brazil, he smiled and said, “I never imagined I would achieve this record. I am not a better player than Pele. I always wanted to create my own story and write my name in the history of Brazil and the national team. Today I achieved that.” Built.

Neymar left Barcelona in 2017 and joined Paris Saint-Germain. At the time, he had won the treble with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, but he wanted to break away from Messi and become the best in the world. Paris Saint-Germain paid the highest transfer fee (buyout amount) ever to Barcelona to bring Neymar.

Although he worked with Paris Saint-Germain on a large project, he did not achieve what he wanted. He suffered injuries at key moments and had disagreements with fans. He has also recently not had a good relationship with key Paris Saint-Germain player Kylian Mbappe.

Paris Saint-Germain dreamed of conquering Europe beyond the French Ligue 1, but the Champions League trophy was not easily granted. This year, we looked to the future and promoted recruitment in necessary positions. A total of 6 players were reinforced, including Milan Skriniar and Ugarte.

This is why coach Christophe Galtier was fired and Luis Enrique was given the leadership. A representative recruit who foresees the future is Lee Kang-in. As his playing time gradually increased in Mallorca, he grew into a key player in the team. In the 2022-23 season, he achieved great success by becoming the first Korean to score multiple goals and double-digit attack points in the Primera Liga. Although he seemed to have a brief falling out with the team due to transfer rumors in the winter, he immediately focused and showed top-class potential.

Neymar joined the Paris Saint-Germain tour during the pre-season, but was unable to participate in training after returning to France. He was not even invited to the poster shoot announcing the new season. Neymar was not in Paris Saint-Germain’s plans. With the signing of Dembele, the rumors of Neymar’s release gained even more weight. Some even reported the possibility that he would be released as a free agent and go to another team.

Although he has been linked with Premier League team Chelsea, he has been strongly linked with his former club Barcelona, ​​which won the treble. Spanish media ‘El Chiringuito’ said, “Neymar and Barcelona have reached an agreement. He will receive an annual salary of 13 million euros (about 19 billion won) on a 2+1 year contract. Barcelona signed a contract with Neymar and Paris Saint-Germain. “I want to cancel and leave,” he announced.

Looking at Barcelona’s finances, it is not easy to recruit Neymar, whose price is high. However, Spain’s Catalonia Radio said, “Barcelona sold 29.5% of its shares in Barça Studio. It generated a profit of 120 million euros (about 175 billion won), which is twice the expected amount. This sale will allow the Primera Liga to be launched in the new season. “We can now register the players we need. New recruitment is also possible,” he announced.

There was a profit from Dembele’s transfer fee in a situation where the water was slightly open. Fabrizio Romano explained, “Dembele is joining Paris Saint-Germain. The buyout amount of 50 million euros (about 71 billion won) has been activated,” and confirmed the transfer to Paris Saint-Germain.

There was a possibility of staying in Europe, but Neymar’s choice was Saudi Arabia. Paris Saint-Germain announced its farewell to Neymar through the club’s official channels. After the transfer to Al Hilal was confirmed, a message of gratitude was delivered, but all team members and coaching staff said their final goodbyes to Neymar at the club’s training center.

Photos and videos were released. Neymar approached his teammates warming up in the gym and gave them a high five one by one. The same was true for Lee Kang-in, who was lying down and stretching.

Al Hilal announced the signing of Neymar through the club’s official channel with the message, “Fantastic talent is attracting everyone’s attention” and a short video. “I am here in Saudi Arabia. I am now an Al Hilal player,” Neymar said, pointing to the Al Hilal uniform emblem. Paris Saint-Germain also announced its farewell while reviewing Neymar’s career.

As Neymar’s farewell to Paris Saint-Germain was confirmed, Lee Kang-in said goodbye. Lee Kang-in posted a photo taken with Neymar during the pre-season on his social networking service (SNS), saying, “It was a short time, but it was really special to me. I was really grateful. I hope only good things will always happen.”

Neymar also responded by mentioning Lee Kang-in’s words. Neymar said, “Our time together has been short, but you have already made a place in my heart. Let’s meet again later, son.”

The relationship between Lee Kang-in and Neymar was very good. Although it was Lee Kang-in who joined this summer, she was seen laughing and joking with Neymar. When asked about Neymar at a meeting with reporters after the open training, he replied, “I got to know him through some time,” and added, “I think he’s close not only to me, but to all the players. He’s been very good to me since the first time I went there.”

According to local reports, Al Hilal promised to pay Neymar an annual salary of at least $200 million (about 267 billion won) and up to $300 million (about 400 billion won). If you add other additional provisions, it rises to an unimaginable level.

Some Brazilian legends also criticized Neymar for choosing to move to Saudi Arabia. The story was that Brazil’s best player was leaving Europe too early. However, Neymar showed a healthy appearance in his national team, rewriting the history of Brazilian soccer and increasing his value.

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