[K-Points to watch] ‘Fight for the top’ Seoul vs. Gwangju, which team will advance higher… K League 1 2023 30R Preview

[K-Points to watch] ‘Fight for the top’ Seoul vs. Gwangju, which team will advance higher… K League 1 2023 30R Preview

FC Seoul and Gwangju FC are competing for the top spot.

□ Match of Rounds – In the 30th round of the top-ranking battle ‘Seoul VS Gwangju’,

Seoul (4th place, 43 points) and Gwangju (3rd place, 45 points), who are ranked 3rd and 4th, meet.

Both teams won the previous 29 rounds and enjoyed a pleasant international break before entering this round.

Home team Seoul is cruising with 1 win and 1 draw under acting coach Kim Jin-gyu. In particular, foreign striker Ilyuchenko made a perfect comeback by scoring in both of the previous two games. In addition, it is also positive news that in the previous 29th round, veteran Go Yo-han made his comeback as a starter after about a year and a half, and Choi Cheol-won showed off his best condition with a brilliant save show.

The away team, Gwangju, is showing the most frightening momentum in K-League 1 recently. There has been no loss for nearly two months, including consecutive wins in the previous round. Thanks to Gwangju’s good performance, many of Gwangju’s leading players were selected to the national team at each level, such as Lee Sun-min being named to the A national team for the first time in his life, Jeong Ho-yeon being selected to the AG national team final list, and Uhm Ji-seong and Heo Yul being selected to the Olympic team. Gwangju, which is on a roll, recorded the most wins (12 wins) in the K-League 1 history of the club this season, and is now looking to greater heights.

Meanwhile, the total record of both teams is 15 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses, with Seoul having an overwhelming advantage, and Seoul won both of the two meetings this season. Gwangju desperately needs a win in this game as they have not been able to win against Seoul for about 6 years since 2017. In addition, the point difference between Gwangju and Seoul is only 2 points, so the rankings may change depending on this game, so both teams are motivated enough. The third match of the season between Seoul and Gwangju will be held at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 2 pm on the 17th (Sunday).

□ Team of Round – ‘Ulsan’ challenging all teams to win

Ulsan (1st place, 61 points) has maintained its lead throughout the season, but has only won 1 game in the last 5 games. They are still ahead of second place Pohang by 8 points, but they must quickly shake off their sluggishness and speed up the championship race. A total of five players, including goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo, Kim Young-kwon, Jeong Seung-hyun, Seol Young-woo, and Lee Dong-kyung, were selected for Ulsan during the recent international match. Among them, Seol Young-woo was selected as a wild card for the AG national team and cannot join this game, but the remaining players are scheduled to return to Ulsan and contribute to their strength.

After recharging during the international break, Ulsan’s opponent in this round is Daejeon (8th place, 37 points). The two teams faced each other twice this season, and Daejeon had the upper hand with one win and one draw. Daejeon is the only team among the 12 teams in K League 1 that Ulsan has not won this season. Therefore, Ulsan will definitely defeat Daejeon in this game and challenge to win against all teams this season. In addition, Joo Min-gyu (13 goals)카지노사이트, the leading scorer, will also be on the hunt for goals in this game. Joo Min-gyu has a pleasant memory of scoring multiple goals in the previous match against Daejeon.

The third match of the season between Ulsan and Daejeon will be held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium at 7 p.m. on the 16th (Saturday).

□ Player of the Round – Gerso, the core of Incheon’s attack

Incheon Gerso recorded 6 goals and 6 assists in 29 games this season, ranking first in the team in both scoring and assists. Since his first year wearing the Incheon uniform, he has become a key offensive resource for the team.

Gerso’s characteristic is that he constantly creates opportunities by shaking up the opponent’s defense, based on his fast speed and excellent individual breakthrough ability. Gerso boasts fantastic chemistry with any of Incheon’s main foreign strikers, including Hernández and Mugosa, and sometimes plays as a solver and sometimes as a helper. As a result, Gerso was selected as a candidate for the Player of the Month award in July and August consecutively.

In addition, Gerso is playing the role of an ace by raising attack points in all competitions Incheon participates in this season, including the league, FA Cup and AFC Champions League.

Meanwhile, Incheon will face Gerso’s former team Jeju in this round. Gerso has fond memories of scoring his first goal of the season against Jeju. The third match of the season between Incheon and Jeju will be held at Incheon Soccer Stadium at 2pm on the 16th (Saturday).

※ Data in the preview is based on K League official supplementary record data (provided by Bepro11)

<Hana One Q K League 1 2023 30th round match schedule>

– Jeonbuk: Gangwon (September 16, 14:00, Jeonju World Cup Stadium, JTBC G&S)

– Incheon : Jeju (Sat, September 16, 14:00 Incheon Soccer Stadium, Sky Sports)

Pohang: Suwon FC (Sat, September 16, 16:30, Pohang Steel Yard, IB Sports)

Ulsan: Daejeon (Sat, September 16, 19:00 Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium, Sky Sports)

Seoul: Gwangju (Sun, September 17, 14:00 Seoul World Cup Stadium, Sky Sports)

Suwon: Daegu (Sun, September 17, 16:30) Suwon World Cup Stadium, JTBC G&S)

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