There are 4 days left… Full of bad news, Hwang Seon-Hong, AG’s 3rd consecutive loss, super emergency

There are 4 days left… Full of bad news, Hwang Seon-Hong, AG’s 3rd consecutive loss, super emergency

 Hwang Seon-hong, who is trying to win the Asian Games for the third time in a row, is raising concerns as he is not able to form a proper team even with just four days before the competition.

The Asian Games men’s soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong, continued training at the Paju National Team Training Center (NFC) on the 14th.

Seon-Hong Hwang, who is leaving for Hangzhou, China, where the match will be held on the 16th, will take his first step toward winning his third consecutive Asian Games title, starting with the first group match against Kuwait on the 19th of this month. After the first match against Kuwait, the team will play Thailand on the 21st and Bahrain on the 24th.

The final entry for the Asian Games was 22 players, but only 20 players participated in training that day.

Lee Kang-in (PSG), who was expected to play the role of an ace, is still in Paris, unable to come to Paju, although the tournament is imminent.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong told reporters ahead of the convocation training held at Paju NFC on this day, “PSG has no official answer when they will let Lee Kang-in go. Kang-in wants to join as soon as possible, but it is frustrating that coordination is not going well.” revealed.

Lee Kang-in, who transferred to France’s prestigious PSG ahead of the 2023-24 season, has shown enthusiasm for participating in the Asian Games, where military service benefits are at stake.

If Lee Kang-in’s joining is delayed, Hwang Seon-hong’s power will inevitably suffer a major setback. Lee Kang-in has outstanding skills to the point where he has established himself not only in the Asian Games national team but also in the A national team.

바카라사이트 IT was initially reported that PSG would convey its position regarding Lee Kang-in’s participation in the Asian Games on the 13th, but no answer was given regarding the timing of his joining.

However, if joining the Asian Games team is delayed, there is great concern because there will be absolutely no time to work with his teammates.

In the worst case, he may skip the group stage and be sent straight to the tournament, but from the perspective of coach Hwang Sun-hong, it will inevitably be a burden to immediately use Lee Kang-in, who has not even trained properly.

In addition, key midfielder Hong Hyun-seok (Gent) and wild card Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai) went on a trip to Europe ahead of the Asian Games because the coordination between Klinsmann and Hwang Seon-hong was not smooth. Since both players traveled long distances, there are concerns about their condition deteriorating.

Hong Hyun-seok returned to Korea after playing only one game against Wales and participated in training, but Seol Young-woo, who also played against Saudi Arabia, plans to focus on recovery and then move to China.

Attention is focused on whether Hwang Seon-Hong-ho, who faced negative news before even taking his first step, will be able to overcome his concerns and win the gold medal he wants.

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