[Official] ‘Messi

[Official] ‘Messi

Julian Draxler, who was in charge of an era in Germany and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG),토토사이트 left France and entered Qatar. The new club is Al Ahli SC.

Qatar Stars League Al Ahly announced on the club’s website on the 19th (Korean time), “We have officially signed a two-season contract with Draxler, who was playing for PSG, until the summer of 2025. President Abdullah Al Mullah welcomed Draxler and said he would be a great help.” “I emphasized that this would be the case,” he said in an official announcement. The transfer fee is known to be 9 million euros (about 12.7 billion won), and his jersey number is 7.

“Draxler emphasized that he is delighted to have joined the Qatari league and will do his best to live up to the expectations placed on him. He also emphasized that he knows that Al Ahli is the most traditional club in Qatar and thanked the management and fans. “He added.

The transfer is a fait accompli. Loïc Tanzi, a member of France’s L’Equipe and famous as a PSG source, said on social media on the 10th, “After weeks of negotiations, PSG has agreed to send Marco Verratti and Draxler to Qatar. A page in PSG’s history.” “It can happen. Verratti is planning to join Al Arabi, and Draxler is planning to join Al Ahli,” he said, predicting farewell.

Finally arrived in Qatar. On the 16th, Al Ahly shared Draxler wearing a club muffler, saying, “Draksler has arrived in Doha to join Al Ahly. He is scheduled to undergo a medical test.” In the end, all joining procedures were completed and the contract was concluded.

PSG was acquired by Qatar Sports Invest (QSI) in 2011. Through oil money, prominent players from around the world were suddenly recruited. The best is definitely the ‘MNM line’. Neymar broke the world record by recording a whopping 222 million euros (about 314.2 billion won). Mbappe left AS Monaco for 180 million euros (about 254.8 billion won). Lionel Messi was brought in as a free agent, but was paid an astronomical salary.

The goal was clear. It is the championship of the UEFA Champions League (UCL), the most prestigious competition in soccer. PSG aimed to win with the ‘MNM Line’ consisting of Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar. Combinations that could only be seen in games emerged, but everything went to waste. PSG suffered pride by being eliminated in the round of 16 for two consecutive seasons, being pushed out by Real in the 2021-22 season (lost by a total score of 2-3) and Bayern Munich (lost by a total score of 0-3) in the 2022-23 season.

After the season ended, a new plan began. First, he said goodbye to Messi, whose relationship had cooled after an unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia. Neymar, who had been constantly rumored to be released, eventually left. We accompanied each other faithfully until the pre-season, but our long-term companionship came to an end.

Both Messi and Neymar expressed their disappointment. Last month, Messi confessed, “I didn’t want to move to PSG. It was difficult because I didn’t want to leave Barcelona. But now it’s the complete opposite.” Neymar recalled his farewell to PSG, saying, “Messi and I both had a hellish life at PSG. We worked hard to become champions and complete history. But unfortunately, we couldn’t do that. Messi was unfairly singled out as the culprit of the defeat.” .Here we also bid farewell to Draxler. After being brought in for 36 million euros (about 51 billion won) in 2017, he took charge of the Paris midfield along with Verratti for a long time. Although he was hampered by injuries big and small every year, he did his part every time he stepped on the field. But he also could not avoid the purge. Draxler plans to tour the Qatari stage after joining Al Ahly.

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