A 42-year-old one-club man who is about to retire, achieves an impressive 200 wins… Gwang-Hyun Kim also congratulates him.

A 42-year-old one-club man who is about to retire, achieves an impressive 200 wins… Gwang-Hyun Kim also congratulates him.

Veteran right-handed pitcher Adam Wainwright (42, St. Louis Cardinals) achieved his impressive 200th career win in his retirement season. 

Wainwright started the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) home game against the Milwaukee Brewers held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri on the 19th (Korean time) and pitched well, allowing 4 hits, 2 walks, 3 strikeouts, and no runs in 7 innings, leading the team to 1-0. led to victory

Wainwright achieved 200 career wins with 5 wins (11 losses) this season.안전놀이터

After contemplating whether to extend his career or retire after the end of last season, Wainwright decided to play one more season and hang up his uniform. 

It wasn’t easy for him to achieve 200 wins. 

Weinraint participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) last March. In the United States, the home of baseball, top pitchers repeatedly failed to participate due to concerns about injuries. Born in August 1981, veteran Waintraint willingly wore the American flag and competed in the WBC. He pitched well in the semifinals against Cuba, allowing only 1 run in 4 innings, leading the team to advance to the finals. However, he suffered from a groin injury just before the opening ceremony, perhaps because he had improved his physical condition early to participate in the WBC at a young age.

Wainwright recorded his 198th career win by allowing 3 runs in 6 1/3 innings against the New York Mets on June 18, his 8th appearance this season. Conquering the 200-win milestone seemed to be approaching. 

However, Wainwright failed to accumulate wins for 11 consecutive games. He achieved his 199th win by allowing 2 runs in 5 innings against the Baltimore Orioles on the 13th. He then reached the impressive 200th win in the game against Milwaukee on the 19th. He was in St. Louis’ 150th game this season, and if he missed the opportunity to achieve 200 wins on this day, he could not guarantee that he would achieve the record because there were only 12 games left. Wainwright is a franchise star who debuted in the big leagues in St. Louis in 2005. He was on the big league mound wearing only a St. Louis uniform for 19 years. This is also the reason why the 33,176 spectators who visited Busch Stadium on this day gave a standing ovation to Wainwright as he entered the dugout after allowing no runs in the top of the 7th inning with a 1-0 lead.Wainwright was loved by many for his sincerity and consistency. In 2010 and 2014, he reached the 20-win milestone, achieving double-digit wins for a total of 12 seasons. In 2021, when he turned 40, he showed outstanding skills with 17 wins, 7 losses, and an average ERA of 3.05, and last year, he went 11 wins, 12 losses, and an average ERA of 3.71. After the game, he said, “At least in today’s game, I think I threw the ball as I am. It was my first scoreless game this season, and it was the longest game. I think I got this result because I worked hard.”

Meanwhile, Gwang-Hyeon Kim (SSG Landers), who had a meal with Wainwright in St. Louis in 2020-2021, sent a congratulatory message on his social media, saying, “Weino! I respect you.” At that time, Gwang-Hyun Kim adapted to local life and training in the big leagues with the help of team leader Wainwright. 

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