[K-Field Memo] A swimming pool match, not an underwater one… ‘Are they playing soccer at this level?’, yes! do

[K-Field Memo] A swimming pool match, not an underwater one… ‘Are they playing soccer at this level?’, yes! do

 It is correct to view it as a swimming pool game, not an underwater game. Even though ‘football is played even if it rains’, the words “Shouldn’t it be canceled at this rate?” came to mind.온라인바카라

Chungnam Asan and Jeonnam Dragons played the 32nd round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ at Yi Sun-sin Stadium at 7:30 pm on the 20th. The game ended with Jeonnam winning 1-0 thanks to Choo Sang-hoon’s winning goal.

South Chungcheong Asan’s starting pitchers were Park Joo-won, Lee Ho-in, Kim Hye-seong, Jo Yun-seong, Lee Hak-min, Kim Kang-guk, Park Se-jik, Park Seong-woo, Jeong Seong-ho, Kang Min-gyu, and Ji Eon-hak. Jeonnam’s starters were Junsu Ahn, Soobeom Kim, Seongjae Jang, Yoo Jiha, Gyuhyuk Lee, Lee Hukwon, Hanam, Park Taeyong, Yoo Hei, Plana, and Lee Yongjae.

On the morning of the game, heavy rain poured down. The amount of precipitation is so severe that disaster messages keep coming. We were considering canceling the game, but an official from Asan, South Chungcheong Province said, “We continued to talk with the manager, and we decided to proceed with the game as normal.” The ground condition was serious. The condition of the ground was a mess due to repeated heavy rain and heat waves, but the continued heavy rain made it even worse.

Coach Park Dong-hyuk said at a pre-match press conference, “This is a game that does not require tactics or strategies.” Coach Lee Minister hastily revised the prepared starting list. Even though it rained, I didn’t expect it to be this heavy, so I changed it to Yongjae Lee and Hanam as two tops instead of Lee Yongjae as one top. As such, the rain had an impact even before the game started.

Heavy rain continued even after the game started. South Chungcheong Asan canceled the fan signing event and moved the spectators located on the open side to the headquarters seats. They moved around like cheerleaders and had a cheering competition. South Chungcheong Asan and Jeonnam supporters stayed in a place without a roof, sang cheering songs and cheered on the players. Rain entered the broadcast box and the press box, and water filled the area, so various methods were used to prevent the rain.

The game started, but normal play was not possible. Players from both teams had to first clear the ball long distances. There were so many puddles that the ball did not roll. In normal times, the ball would have stopped flowing, affecting the game. Rather than making tactical moves, both teams played so-called ‘foolish soccer’ by kicking the ball and running.

There were shots, but rather than making plays, they were mostly mid-range shots or headers from crosses coming from afar. Some players got annoyed because the ball didn’t go their way. It was natural. The heavy rain did not stop throughout the game. Due to poor drainage, a pool game was held in the first half and the second half as well.

Sang-Hoon Choo scored a goal and Jeonnam took the lead. South Chungcheong Asan added Park Dae-hoon and Song Seung-min to strengthen their attack, but they looked helpless. Unlike Jeonnam, which tried to create opportunities somehow, Asan, Chungnam were helpless. This was the reason why coach Park Dong-hyuk unusually criticized the players after the game. The result ended with Jeonnam winning 1-0.

Asan, South Chungcheong Province has a home game left. Even if there is no heavy rain, the stadium will be devastated and the game will have to continue in its current state. The ground conditions are difficult not only for the players playing, but also for the officials and fans watching.

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