Serenity with the ‘taiyaki son’, Oh Ji-bae shortstop GG winner captain ‘tears of regular season victory’ [Yoo Ji-hyeong’s field 1mm].

Serenity with the ‘taiyaki son’, Oh Ji-bae shortstop GG winner captain ‘tears of regular season victory’ [Yoo Ji-hyeong’s field 1mm].

LG’s Oh Ji-hwan won the regular season title for the first time since his professional debut in 2009. After winning his dream regular season title, he rode his taiyaki look-alike son on a horse and created memories with LG fans that will last a lifetime.

Oh has been given many opportunities since his rookie year, but he hasn’t been able to escape the stigma of being an error king. He was nicknamed “Oh Ji-bae,” meaning a player who dominates the game by making a lot of mistakes, especially in crucial situations. Of course, there are times when he can dominate a game by playing well, but he often ruins it by making mistakes at crucial moments, so ‘Oh Ji-bae’ was a negative and mocking nickname for him.

But now, it’s different. He’s more than irreplaceable, he’s the best shortstop in the league. Last year, he won the shortstop Golden Glove, joining the iconic 20-homer, 20-double club. And this season, he captained LG to its first regular-season title in 29 years.

On June 6, LG celebrated the regular season title in front of its home fans after a home game against KIA in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. 캡틴토토 All the players and team officials unfurled banners that read, “Toward victory, one Twins, united with the fans!” and “LG Twins 2023 KBO League regular season title,” and enjoyed the joy of winning the regular season title for the first time in 29 years with the fans.

The fans who filled Jamsil Stadium chanted Captain Oh’s name as they cheered for him, and he stood shoulder to shoulder with Austin and sang his own cheer. At this time, Oh’s son ran onto the field and hugged his father, and Oh shared the joy of the victory with his taiyaki son.

In addition, the “winning captain,” Oh Ji-hwan, shed tears of joy as he told LG fans about the regular season victory. Joining the team in 2009, Oh has been wearing the stripes the longest among LG players. After a long dark period, he finally reached the top of the leaderboard this season. His tears were tears of gratitude and remorse for the fans who have always supported him passionately even after 29 years of waiting. After recovering from his emotions, he thanked the fans for their support.

Meanwhile, this is the third time LG has won the top spot in the regular season after 1990 and 1994. In both of those seasons, LG won the regular season title and went on to win the Korean Series. This season, the team is aiming to win the regular season title as well.

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