‘Kwon Chang-hoon, Jeong Sang-bin, Oh Hyun-gyu…and Kim Joo-chan’, the spirit of Suwon that he awakened

‘Kwon Chang-hoon, Jeong Sang-bin, Oh Hyun-gyu…and Kim Joo-chan’, the spirit of Suwon that he awakened

Following Kwon Chang-hoon, Jeong Sang-bin, and Oh Hyeon-gyu, will there be another child head of the household in Suwon? Kim Joo-chan, a striker born in 2004 who leads Suwon Samsung 메이저사이트, is leading Suwon again.

In the home game against Pohang Steelers held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 8th, Kim Joo-chan did not miss the ball that flowed out of Basani’s body in the 22nd minute of the first half and connected with a right-footed shot. The ball went through goalkeeper Hwang In-jae’s defense and into Pohang’s goal net. I was hooked. It was the winning goal that gave Suwon a 1-0 victory.

With the victory that day brought by Kim Joo-chan’s winning goal, Suwon broke out of a long swamp of five consecutive losses, and Kim Joo-chan gave Acting Manager Ki-hoon Yeom the first win in his tenure and at the same time had the honor of being selected as the MVP of the 33rd round of the K League 1.

The story of how Kim Joo-chan came to play for Suwon is like a movie. Kim Joo-chan did not go through Suwon’s youth team, Maetan High School, but he is a Suwon local boy who went through Suwon’s Seryu Elementary School, Suwon High School, and then Suwon Samsung.

Moreover, he has been a Jinseong supporter of Suwon since childhood. Kim Joo-chan was a player who had greater affection for Suwon Samsung than anyone else, to the extent that he often went to Big Bird, his home stadium, and even said that he cheered from the N seats where the Grand Blue was located.

And as time passes, Kim Joo-chan becomes a mainstay of Suwon Samsung, whom he once loved and passionately supported, and is working hard to save the team in crisis. Since he made his debut in the league this season, it was difficult for him to adapt to the league, but Kim Joo-chan awakened to his potential in difficult circumstances.

And he is well following the path of his seniors who led Suwon, such as Jeong Sang-bin and Oh Hyeon-gyu. Kim Joo-chan has scored three goals this season, four including the FA Cup match against Daegu. Although they may be small in number, they were very valuable goals for Suwon.

Kim Joo-chan, who led the victory by scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup match against Daegu last May, made his name known in the K-League by scoring his debut goal in the K-League in a home game against Ulsan Hyundai, the then unassailable powerhouse, in June. it started.

Kim Joo-chan, who led Suwon’s winning streak by scoring the first goal in the away game against Gangwon, had some ups and downs after July due to the defenders’ concentration, but showed a comeback by scoring the winning goal in the most important game against Pohang before the final round. is showing.

In addition to scoring goals, Kim Joo-chan is one of the hardest-working players in Suwon. He tries to be an active participant not only in the attack but also in the overall play. The passion for Suwon is reflected in that play.

Even after winning the game against Pohang, Kim Joo-chan did not get carried away by it. He  showed his will to continue to dedicate himself to the team. Kim Joo-chan expressed his determination, saying, “I will continue to fight to the death and win. I think there is nothing we can’t do if we help each other.”

Attention is focused on whether Suwon’s potential, awakened by a young player born in 2004, will be able to lead Suwon to a turnaround in the upcoming split round.

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