Penalty kick that decides the game… Trick operation?

Penalty kick that decides the game… Trick operation?

A player’s trick of cleverly interfering with a penalty kick that could decide the game in a soccer game is being criticized by fans.

The referee didn’t notice, but was the penalty kick successful? 

Manchester United scored the first goal through defender Maguire in the 27th minute of the second half. 

In extra time of the second half, when victory was just around the corner, a penalty kick was awarded. 

Manchester United earned a valuable victory thanks to their goalkeeper’s save. 

However, it was not goalkeeper Onana but midfielder Garnacho that received attention after the game. 

While the players were protesting the referee’s decision, they were seen digging into the grass around the penalty mark.

The poor condition of the grass led to a missed penalty kick, but fans sarcastically called it a ‘hidden protagonist of the victory’ or ‘a petty victory.’

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.토스카지노 주소 

In the German Bundesliga, the goalkeeper’s trick was to prevent a penalty kick. 

[On-site broadcast]
“The goalkeeper is trying to make the grass conditions more favorable (for his team).”

This trick seemed to work, as the kicker slipped and the goalkeeper successfully defended. 

[Marvin Hitz / Augsburg (2015)]
“In tense games like this, sometimes you do things you wouldn’t do before. Of course, I won’t do it again.”

In a K-League game last month when it rained torrentially, the players gathered together and scooped up water with their hands when a penalty kick was declared.

[Sound from the scene]
“A rare scene of water being removed (how desperate the players are). The teammates are continuously removing water as if they are looking for treasure.”

You can see how sensitive and important the point where you release the ball is in a penalty kick situation.

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