“Please don’t add more” Lim Chan-gyu, who asked for advice from Yang Hyeon-jong, is in the process of final reduction [SS Interview]

“Please don’t add more” Lim Chan-gyu, who asked for advice from Yang Hyeon-jong, is in the process of final reduction [SS Interview]

 “You’ve tried it a lot. I liked it because I threw it 150km, but I also got hit really hard. In the end, you have to keep doing what you have been doing. “That’s the advice I received.”

Fall baseball has more bad memories than good ones. So I desperately tried to find the cause of the failure and also sought advice from those around me. The answer was no different from the secret to his success this year. LG starting pitcher Lim Chan-gyu (31) pledged to take the mound once again from scratch. Lim Chan-gyu emphasized that he will be on the mound for Game 3 of the Korean Series (KS) on November 10th as usual.

Lim Chan-gyu stood on the mound as a starting pitcher for the home uniform team in the Blue and White match held at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 26th. It was the first time in practice 11 days since the Jamsil Doosan game on the 15th, which was the final game of the regular season. He pitched 39 pitches and went 4 innings, allowing 1 hit, 0 walks, 2 strikeouts, and no runs. He took the mound with an emphasis on checking his condition and balance rather than pitching at full power, and he used fastballs, changeups, and curveballs evenly.

After the game, Lim Chan-gyu said, “First of all, I paid a lot of attention to throwing strikes. I am satisfied because the strike rate is as high as I wanted. When he had a runner out, he tried to focus on holding and checking, but he also caught the runner in check. “He seems to have gone well in his first game, and he plans to throw strongly and do corner work in his next game.”

The schedule came out early. The remaining actual match is the Blue and White match on the 3rd of next month. On this day, after throwing more balls and playing more innings, he will start in the 3rd game of KS. It’s been 10 days since his last appearance in the regular season, and he still has a lot of preparation time left. It is an unfamiliar experience for Lim Chan-gyu, as well as most LG players.

Lim Chan-gyu said, “It’s definitely a long period of time. So he had more worries about how to prepare. “First of all, I decided to ask for advice from experienced players,” he said. “I asked Hyunjong Yang and Woochan Cha right after the season ended. My brothers also said that this period will feel like a really long time. However, he said that you should not prepare anything more just because it is long. “He advised me to rest well and prepare well as I have been doing.”

Yang Hyun-jong, who has two KS championship rings, became MVP in the 2017 KS. Cha Woo-chan was a key pitcher in the Samsung dynasty and experienced victory in KS four times from 2011 to 2014.

What Yang Hyun-jong and Cha Woo-chan emphasized is consistent with the direction set by Lim Chan-gyu this year. 
Lim Chan-gyu had a career-high season by erasing the desire for restraint that always bound him. 
He was always trying to throw harder and faster pitches, looking for something new, but the results weren’t working. 
However, he emphasized that this season he will start with a blank slate from spring training. 
He focused on maximizing his strengths rather than adding new pitches.

He erased from his mind the 150km fastball he threw as a rookie. 
Instead, he pitched in a way that made the most of his long-running changeup and curveball. 
As a result, he posted 14 wins, the most by a native pitcher, and also recorded an earned run average of 3.42, the best in his career. 
He also played his regulation innings for the first time in three years and had the most satisfying regular season since turning professional.

Now that KS is approaching, I am back to a blank page.

Lim Chan-gyu, who looked back on his last postseason appearance, said,토토사이트 “I think it’s the same baseball in the end whether it’s KS or the regular season. 
KS: I think it’s right to think that it’s the same no matter what game it is, whether it’s a starter or a middle player. 
“If I think about it that way, I don’t feel too burdened and I don’t think I will break down because I feel a huge sense of responsibility,” he said. “So, in the 3rd game of KS, I will just maintain the same good performance I did this year as much as possible and throw the same way,” and expressed his determination to erase the specialness of this special stage. reported.

He added, “I think it will be even worse if you suddenly try to develop something new and try something new. 
That’s what Hyeonjong and Woochan said. 
He said to me, ‘Please don’t add more.’ 
Actually, I tried a lot to add more. 
I did a power analysis for several hours before the game. 
In the postseason, I suddenly liked throwing 150 km, but then I got hit a lot. 
In the end, you have to keep doing what you have been doing. 
That’s the advice I received too. 
“If I tried to use too much force, it would only end up being worse,” he said.

Don’t be tied down to records. 
Coincidentally, among the 9 teams they faced this season, they had the worst results against KT (average ERA in 4 games, 6.61) and NC (average ERA in 3 games, 8.25). 
However, I don’t think that will remain the same in KS.

Lim Chan-gyu said, “The average ERA against 7 teams excluding two teams was below 3 points. 
However, KS is a difficult stage no matter which team you face. 
There will be many variables. 
“The average ERA against KT and NC is high, but meeting other teams will not make the KS stage easier,” he said. 
Although it is a difficult situation on record, this means that we will not shrink from it just because it is difficult.

This season opened with long relief. 
I believed that if I put it down and boldly remove unnecessary things to recreate the leap forward, there would be good results in the final stage.

Lim Chan-gyu said, “It seems like only the last minus is left. 
I will relieve myself of the desire to do better or the need to do something new and prepare as usual. 
“It may be November, but I will go on the mound believing in the heat from our fans,” he said, raising his voice.

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