Former Milwaukee Craig Counsellor was treated as the best MLB player ever and as a rival Cubs

Former Milwaukee Craig Counsellor was treated as the best MLB player ever and as a rival Cubs

The offseason is in full swing, and head coach hiring is in full swing. Six positions were open after the season ended, and suddenly there are seven.

As of today, three teams have confirmed their managers. In the most shocking news, the Chicago Cubs hired Craig Counsell from the rival Milwaukee Brewers. David Ross was the Cubs’ manager until this morning, when Council was hired. He was fired abruptly.토토사이트

This morning local time, breaking news broke that the Cleveland Indians had hired Seattle Mariners coach Steve Vogt, 39, as their 45th manager. Boat is a former catcher with 10 years of MLB experience. Less than two hours later, breaking news broke that the New York Mets had confirmed New York Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza, 43, as their manager.

Around the same time, the shocking news broke that the Chicago Cubs had signed Craig Counsell as manager. At this point, not a single story about Ross’ firing had been reported. The Counsell grenade hit next door. Ross, a former catcher, had been the Cubs’ manager for four seasons.

Counsell, 53, made the playoffs five times in nine seasons in small-market Milwaukee. He was initially linked to the New York Mets. That’s because President of Baseball Operations David Stearns, 39, who built Milwaukee into a postseason contender, left for the Mets.

The Harvard-educated Stearns and his cerebral council worked well together and led Milwaukee to its first four consecutive postseason appearances in franchise history. Milwaukee had granted him an interview for the Mets’ managerial job even though he was still under contract.

Suddenly, he switched gears and took the managerial job with the neighboring Cubs. It’s believed that the Mets immediately turned to Yankees bench coach Mendoza for the job after their bid for Counsell fell through.

Counsell chose Chicago over New York for two reasons. Two of his four children, daughters, attend high school in the Milwaukee area. She needs to be close to family. Milwaukee and Chicago are an hour and a half drive apart.

When NBA coach Steve Kerr was offered the New York Knicks head coaching job by his mentor, Phil Jackson, he turned it down and accepted the Golden State Warriors head coaching job out west because of his high school-aged children.

In addition, the Cubs managerial job will give him the highest salary in Major League Baseball history. MLB Network reported that Counsell’s contract is for five years and $40 million. 8 million per year. It surpasses former New York Yankees Joe Torre ($7 million) as the highest-paid manager in history. MLB does not announce contract terms due to the low salaries of managers. Cleveland’s Bochy, the Mets’ Mendoza, and others don’t make more than $1 million a year.

On July 7, three managers were confirmed: the Guardians, Mets, and Cubs. The San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Houston Astros, and Milwaukee Brewers will have to find new managers in the coming days. The Angels are pursuing Buck Showalter, who was fired by the Mets.

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