The first real golden boy to be born…Bellingham wins Golden Boy with 97% of the vote

The first real golden boy to be born…Bellingham wins Golden Boy with 97% of the vote

Italian publication Tuttosport announced on its website today that Bellingham has been named the 21st Golden Boy. Bellingham received 97% of the vote. Bellingham is the first player from Real Madrid to be named Golden Boy. Media outlets congratulated Bellingham on his win, joking that Real had filled their shelves with trophies they hadn’t won in years.

“A jury of 50 journalists from the most prestigious media outlets in Europe awarded 485 points out of 500,” said Tutto Sport. Bellingham received exactly 97% of the vote. That’s the same percentage of votes that Kylian Mbappe received when he was named Golden Boy in 2017. At the time, Mbappe received 291 points out of 300.”

The Golden Boy Award was created by Tutto Sport in 2003 to recognize the most outstanding player under the age of 21 playing in Europe’s top leagues. In addition to Tutto Sport, authoritative media outlets from across Europe participate in the voting. While it doesn’t have the same prestige as the Ballon d’Or, the Golden Boy Award is a great way for fans to see who the best prospects of the year are and who will lead the soccer world in the future.레모나토토 주소

The list of winners is long and colorful. Since Rafael van der Vaart won the inaugural award in 2003, the list of Golden Boy winners has included Wayne Rooney, Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Aguero, Isco, and Paul Pogba. While some players, like Andersson and Alessandro Pato, haven’t quite lived up to expectations, the list has recently seen a resurgence of talented youngsters like Elling Holland, Pedri, and Gabi.

Bellingham joins the ranks. Bellingham was a standout performer for Borussia Dortmund last season, which led to him joining Real in the summer transfer window. Since joining Real, Bellingham has continued to prove why he is considered one of England’s top talents, scoring 10 goals in 10 league games. Even when you expand the scope beyond just the best of the best in the U21s to the rest of the world, there are few players who can match Bellingham’s level of performance.

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