“Raechangers’ Resolution” that made fans cheer for us in vain

“Raechangers’ Resolution” that made fans cheer for us in vain

This is the apology that Suwon Samsung displayed on its billboards after confirming its automatic relegation from professional soccer. As if they had predicted the automatic relegation, the club quickly apologized to the fans. The fans, who fell silent in disbelief, booed.토토사이트

Suwon confirmed their relegation after drawing 0-0 with Gangwon FC in their final league game at Suwon World Cup Stadium on April 2. When the final whistle blew, the Suwon stands fell silent. The fans stood up and looked at the team on the field. The players huddled in the center of the field or hung their heads. For a while, no one faced the fans directly. The silence remained even after Gangwon finished the ceremonies and photos with the visiting fans. “When the stadium fell silent, I realized Suwon’s relegation,” said Jeong Kyung-ho, the team’s head coach, after the game. It was a scene I had never imagined.”

Fans leaving the stadium early also voiced their dissatisfaction. “You guys are just going to play this year and then leave,” one fan said to the team in the middle of the field, “You guys are going to leave next year.”

Only after the front office and coaching staff had gathered did Suwon face the supporters. A message of apology was displayed on the electronic board, saying, “We are sorry,” and “We will be Suwon Samsung, reborn with the determination to reinvent ourselves. The team responded quickly, as if they had anticipated automatic relegation.

The fans’ silence quickly turned to anger. Some fans threw red flags and smoke bombs onto the field. CEO Lee Jun, acting head coach Yeom Ki-hoon, general manager Oh Dong-seok, and captain Kim Bo-kyung apologized, but nothing changed.

The fans continued to boo after the game, blocking the buses carrying the Suwon players. Suwon head coach Oh Dong-seok responded to the fans, saying he would “take responsibility and resign.”

No one can escape the responsibility of relegation. In response to the fans’ anger, there will be major changes to the front office as well as the squad. Acting coach Yeom Ki-hoon encouraged the team to “climb back up,” but it’s doubtful that Suwon has a plan B after finishing worse than 10th last year.

After winning four K League titles, five FA Cups, and two Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) titles, Suwon now has one more line on its resume: “Relegation in 2023.

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