MLB Chicago White Sox’s home stadium Nashville reignites

MLB Chicago White Sox’s home stadium Nashville reignites

The White Sox, one of two Major League Baseball (MLB) teams with ties to the U.S. city of Chicago, will leave the city where they were founded more than 120 years ago and plant new roots in the southern city of Nashville.

On July 7 (local time), local media and political publication Politico reported that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, 87, had met privately with Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell, 47, in Nashville, Tennessee, the day before, reigniting speculation that the team would relocate.토토사이트

Both the team and the Nashville mayor’s office confirmed that Reinsdorf and O’Connell met, but declined to provide specific reasons or details of the conversation.

Nashville is one of several cities hoping to land an MLB franchise. Chicago, meanwhile, is home to two MLB teams (Cubs and White Sox), along with New York (Yankees and Mets) and Los Angeles (Dodgers and Angels).

“The meeting between Mr. Reinsdorf and Mayor O’Connell is noteworthy given Nashville’s ongoing efforts to attract an MLB team and the White Sox’ uncertainty about the future of their home stadium,” said political outlet Axios.

The White Sox’ lease at Guaranteed Rate Field expires at the end of the 2028 season. The stadium is owned and managed by the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority (ISFA).

Chicago Business reported in August that the Rheinsdorf family is considering relocating the team at the end of the lease, as well as building a new stadium in downtown Chicago or a suburban city, or selling the team.

The White Sox were founded in Iowa in 1894 as the Sioux City Cornhuskers. The team operated as the St. Paul Saints in Minnesota from 1895 to 1899 before moving to Chicago in 1900 and joining the American League in 1901 as the Chicago White Stockings. The team was renamed the White Sox in 1904.

Reinsdorf purchased the team in 1981 for $19 million. The team is currently valued by Forbes at $2.05 billion, 15th among MLB’s 30 franchises.

Mr. Reinsdorf became a major player in Chicago’s sports industry in 1985 when he purchased an absolute majority stake in Michael Jordan’s National Basketball Association (NBA) team, the Chicago Bulls, for $9.2 million. The Bulls are currently valued at $2.5 billion (about $3.3 trillion).

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