“Perfect pitcher” Sasaki also hopes to post ML, but will Chiba Lotte allow it

“Perfect pitcher” Sasaki also hopes to post ML, but will Chiba Lotte allow it

“Perfect Pitcher” Roki Sasaki, 22, has requested to be posted to the major leagues by his team, the Chiba Lotte Marines, but it is unlikely that the club will grant the request.토토사이트

Japanese media outlet Sportichi Annex reported on the 10th that “Chiba Lotte pitcher Roki Sasaki has requested to enter the major leagues through the posting system. This year, in his fourth year, he recorded the highest velocity of 165 kilometers in the history of Japanese pitchers and made a name for himself by participating in the WBC, the world’s most prestigious event.” “The deadline for applying for the posting system is on the 15th of this month, and it is likely that the Chiba Lotte club will not accept it.”

Nippon Professional Baseball clubs and players have until Dec. 15 to apply to post in Major League Baseball. With just five days left, it’s unlikely that Chiba Lotte will approve Sasaki’s request.

Sasaki’s young age is also an obstacle. On Tuesday (July 10), American media outlet Major League Baseball Traders (MBTR) reported that “Sasaki, 22, has only played three seasons in Nippon Professional Baseball. It is very rare for Japanese players to request posting so early in their careers, and MLB’s posting rules require players to be at least 25 years old and have played at least six seasons to be eligible for a contract beyond a minor league deal. Major League clubs can only pay such players from the international bonus pool, and with the international signing period not having started this year (Jan. 15), clubs have committed most of their pool money to prospects. Shohei Ohtani faced these restrictions when he reached the major leagues at age 23. He received only a minor contract and a $2.3 million signing bonus from the Angels.”

The LA Times broke the news about Sasaki last month, noting that “the contract between Sasaki and the Chivarode is thought to have an ‘escape clause’ that allows Sasaki to leave for the majors at any time.” “Ohtani also had such a clause with Nihon Ham in 2017, but he played five seasons with Nihon Ham before reaching the major leagues,” MBTR said.

“The article in the Sporting News article did not mention any such contractual rejection, but the unusual timing of Sasaki’s request for posting could indicate that he has the leverage to jump into the posting system immediately,” MBTR said.

“The Dodgers, San Diego and San Francisco had closely scouted Sasaki’s pitches in Japan, and the Dodgers thought he could be available as early as this offseason,” the LA Times reported.

Meanwhile, Sasaki was limited to 15 appearances this season due to finger blisters and an oblique injury, and went 7-4 with a 1.78 ERA. He struck out 135 batters in just 91 innings, ranking fourth in the league in strikeouts. He injured his oblique in late July and returned in mid-September, but pitched only three innings in each of his next three starts.

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