As Gimcheon Sangmu goes up, Suwon Samsung is coming… K League 2 nervous about another dinosaur appearance

As Gimcheon Sangmu goes up, Suwon Samsung is coming… K League 2 nervous about another dinosaur appearance

Suwon Samsung is the only relegated team in the K League 1 this season. K League 2 teams are nervous. Suwon is a traditional powerhouse in the K League. Although they’ve been on a downward spiral in recent years, they’re a much bigger team than their second division counterparts. Naturally, there’s also a big difference in the amount of money they spend. Suwon spent around 8.9 billion won on player salaries last year. Most teams in the K League 2 spend around 6 billion won. There is no comparison in terms of budget.

This year, Gimcheon Commerce, an ecological disruptor, won promotion in a dramatic upset. They will play in the first division in 2024. Originally in the second division, the team sees their absence as an opportunity. Gimcheon is considered a tough team to play against because they have a lot of national team players. While 2024 should be a relatively easy season, the arrival of another dinosaur in Suwon will make things tougher for K League 2 teams.월카지노

A senior official from a K League 2 club that failed to win promotion this year said, “Gimcheon is gone, and Suwon Samsung is coming. “I don’t know how Suwon will organize the team, but the existing teams can’t help but worry. Isn’t it really a team that doesn’t belong in the second division? I’m already worried.”

Furthermore, Suwon has one of the strongest fan bases in the league. Despite underperforming throughout the season, the team mobilized an average of 11,799 fans per game. That’s almost three times the average attendance of Seoul Eland, the K League 2 attendance leader, which is 3617. Suwon’s relegation makes existing second division teams nervous because they can create a home team atmosphere even when they are away from home.

Unsurprisingly, K League 2 is keeping a close eye on Suwon’s progress. Suwon hasn’t recovered from the shock of relegation and is reportedly unable to draw up a concrete plan for next season. They haven’t even finalized a new head coach yet.

Suwon should know something. K League 2 is not cheap. Last year, Daejeon Hana Citizens, who spent a similar amount of money to Suwon, lost to Gwangju FC in a relegation playoff to the top flight. This year alone, poor teams like Gimpo FC have made waves. No team spends more than 10 billion won like Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai in the first division, so upsets are relatively common. The general consensus among K League 2 officials is that Suwon needs to be prepared to adapt to the high-pressure, tough second division.

“Suwon will be a strong promotion candidate if they come down, but we don’t know how it will go once the season starts. Suwon will have to be nervous. Busan I-Park, Jeonnam Dragons, Gyeongnam FC, etc. were originally in the first division, but now they haven’t been promoted for several years. Suwon could be a completely different team depending on how they reorganize the team.”

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