Wonju DB Albano, the king of foreign help, will pass

Wonju DB Albano, the king of foreign help, will pass

In his second year in the Korean professional basketball league, Asia Quarter player Lee Sun Albano (Wonju DB) is leading the league in assists. It’s unusual to see a foreigner’s name mentioned in the assist category, which is usually reserved for native players.랭크카지노

According to the Korean Basketball League (KBL), Albano, who has played 20 games this season, is leading the league with an average of 7.8 assists per game. That’s quite a gap from second-place Kim Sun-hyung (Seoul SK), who has 5.8. Last season, Kim led the team in assists with 6.8 and Albano was second with 5.1.

Albano has seen a noticeable increase in assists this season. As he gains more experience in the league, he’s improved his chemistry with his teammates, as well as his on-court vision and game management skills.

If Albano wins the assist title, he will become only the second foreign player in KBL history to do so. The late Chris Williams (then of the Orion) led the league in assists with an average of 6.02 in the 2011-2012 season. Other than that, all of the assist leaders since the KBL’s inception in 1997 have been domestic players.

DB has been led by big men like Dedrick Lawson, Kang Sang-jae, and Kim Jong-kyu, who combine scoring and mobility. Albano, a guard, focuses on helping his teammates score while orchestrating the team’s offense with his excellent dribbling and passing skills.

Albano’s offensive prowess makes him a pain in the ass for opposing defenses. He has the ability to penetrate to his left-handed advantage, and his shooting is consistent, allowing him to get to the basket from both inside and outside. Albano averages 15.4 points per game and plays a vital role in the offense. DB has a league-leading 17-3 record.

However, Albano’s health is a concern for DB heading into the midseason. Albano is playing the most minutes on the team at 32:31. The return of veteran guard Doo Kyung-min from injury should ease some of the concerns.

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