A terrifying rise, Incheon UTD Kim Dong-heon’s amazing 2023 season

A terrifying rise, Incheon UTD Kim Dong-heon’s amazing 2023 season

Last year, Incheon had the best season in the club’s history. Incheon, ranked fourth in the league, secured the first Asian Champions League playoff berth in the club’s history this season, and dominated the Vietnamese Haiphong FC in a single playoff game to advance to the Asian stage. Incheon was in danger of being demoted every year after reaching the relegation zone, but its upper ranks have become more familiar under coach Cho Seong-hwan, who took over the team in the middle of the 2020 season.

Incheon was slow but strong this season as well. Since the opening of the season, Incheon has had a rough start with three wins, three draws and four losses in 10 league games. On top of that, Incheon stayed at the bottom of the league with five wins, eight draws and seven losses until the 20th round of the league, but it began to explode its potential in the second half of the season. Its dull offense began to explode gradually, and its ace players, Hernandez and Gersault, bombed the opponent’s goal with their fast focus. Young engines such as Park Seung-ho, Choi Woo-jin, Park Hyun-bin, Kim Min-seok and Hong Si-hoo also showed their potential.월카지노

From the 20th round, Incheon finished the season fifth in the league with 10 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses in 19 league games until the final game of the season. In addition, Incheon, which was grouped with Yokohama F. Marinos (Incheon), Shandong Taishan (China), and Kaya Iloilo (Philippines) in the Asian Champions League, built its pride by recording victories over Kaya and Yokohama, but failed to advance to the tournament even after recording four wins. Although it was Incheon, which had a disappointing season, Incheon ended the season by finding a fast-growing gatekeeper in the process.

It is goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon, born in 1997 and a former club youth, who joined the team ahead of the last 2019 season. In his first year as a professional, Kim Dong-heon was unable to make his professional league debut due to his competition with the team’s prominent competitors, Jeong-san (Daejeon) and Lee Tae-hee. The year after his professional debut, the league game was expected to be reduced (38→27) due to the COVID-19 infection that spread around the world, and the number of games he played in was expected to decrease, but rather, this prediction went wrong in a good way and announced his value.

As in the previous season, Kim Dong-heon, who entered the main competition with Jeong-san, Lee Tae-hee and Kim Yoo-sung, will make his professional debut through the FA Cup. Kim Dong-heon, who played in the FA Cup match against Suwon FC and played until overtime, sadly cried in the penalty shootout, but after this game, he made his league debut and began to make his presence known. Kim Dong-heon, who made his league debut in a home game against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 12th round of the league, allowed Lee Seung-ki (Busan) to score a run on his left foot shot at the end of the second half, but he defended Jeonbuk’s attack with his whole body throughout the game and made a great contribution to winning one valuable point for the team.

Kim Dong-heon, who showed a strong performance in his professional debut, allowed one run in the match against the Pohang Steelers in the 13th round, but continued his performance in the match against Seongnam in the 15th round, but he was later pushed out of the main competition and had to stay in the 2020 season, three league games and one FA Cup game. Kim Dong-heon, who entered the 2021 season after his professional debut, disappeared in the first half of the year, but he showed an active performance after the second half, and succeeded in imprinting the three letters of his name perfectly on Incheon fans. Kim Dong-heon, who didn’t appear on the field until the 15th round of the league, has since taken the starting position perfectly.

Kim Dong-heon, who showed good performance in succession against Pohang, Jeonbuk, Seoul, and Suwon, was excluded from the list after the summer due to a slight injury, but after returning to the injury, he succeeded in securing the position of the main goalkeeper again, and finished the season brilliantly by showing a zero-point loss rate by scoring nine runs in 13 league games in the 2021 season. The following year, Kim Dong-heon increased his playing time further and began to establish himself as an irreplaceable being. Kim Dong-heon, who started from the opening game against Suwon Samsung in the 2022 season, showed his presence by showing as many as four scoreless games in 10 league games in the early days, and this performance continued until the end of the season.

Kim Dong-hun, who showed good performance in succession against Gangwon-Kimcheon-Seongnam-Seoul-Jeonbuk-Jeonbuk, and showed his first penalty kick save against Jeonbuk Gustavo in the 21st round of the league, has perfectly emerged as the league’s top goalkeeper. In the 2022 season, Kim Dong-hun appeared in 25 league games and allowed only 22 runs, recording a 0-point loss rate for two consecutive years, and proved his record and skills by settling for the top spot in the K-League’s save rate. Kim Dong-hun’s performance, which showed his hot performance for two consecutive years, began to falter for a while in the early 2023 season. Kim Dong-hun, who started the league opening match against Seoul, failed to prevent his team from losing by allowing two runs, and collapsed by allowing three runs in the second-round match against Daejeon and five runs in the subsequent away match against Gwangju.

Kim Dong-heon, who disappeared for a while by dedicating his position to Lee Tae-hee and Min Sung-joon after an away match in Gwangju, succeeded in securing the position of the starting goalkeeper again. Lee Tae-hee, who started in the round 16 match against Daejeon, blocked Daejeon’s rough attack with his whole body and allowed only one run, adding fuel to his team’s rise by showing perfect performance in the match between Suwon Samsung, Gangwon and Ulsan. Kim Dong-heon, who played without allowing any goal in the round 23 match against Daejeon, saved Na Sang-ho’s penalty kick in the round 24 against Seoul, and made an outstanding contribution to his team’s victory. In addition, Kim Dong-heon, who helped Jerso to score in the round 34 against Pohang in the league, will become the best goalkeeper in Incheon.

Based on his performance in the league, Kim Dong-heon, who also took the lead in the Asian Champions League finals, allowed two runs in the first game against Yokohama, but showed a perfect defense to escape the crisis and lead his team to victory.

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