Kim Hye-sung will return to shortstop in 2024? Coach Hong Won-ki’s agony… Is it ML dream or recovery of heroes’ self-esteem

Kim Hye-sung will return to shortstop in 2024? Coach Hong Won-ki’s agony… Is it ML dream or recovery of heroes’ self-esteem

Kiwoom Heroes head coach Hong Won-ki meets with each of his players every off-season. Recently, Kim Hye-sung (24) publicly declared her desire to enter the major leagues and return to shortstop, and reportedly had a meeting with manager Hong Won-ki.헤라카지노

Kim Hye-sung did not give a specific answer when asked about the meeting at the year-end award ceremony. Director Hong Won-ki, who met with her on the 15th, said he would think about it more and decide. The final decision will be made by Hong Won-ki, and Kim Hye-sung says she will follow his instructions whether she plays second base or shortstop.

Kim is very proud of her shortstop position. She has been an outstanding player since high school. After entering the professional ranks, she only had time to play shortstop in 2021 for one reason or another. That year, she won the Golden Glove for shortstop while excelling in the offense, so she was definitely not an ordinary player.

However, Hong Won-ki suddenly decided to move Kim to second base ahead of the 2022 season, saying it was the ideal choice for the team’s defense. The reasoning was that the team’s defense was smoothest when Kim was playing second base.

It was half a success. Kim showed off her talent by winning the Golden Glove for second base. He also made fewer errors than he did as a shortstop. However, the shortstop woes continued after the era of Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres). Kim Hwi-jip (21) was still too much of a stretch. This season, re-signee Edison Russell was lost to injury, and after a back-and-forth, Kim was given a shot. Meanwhile, Hye-Sung Kim won his second straight Golden Glove at second base.

Kim committed 35 errors at shortstop in 2021. Most of them were throwing errors. Her long-range throwing was unreliable, but she is a shortstop with more advantages. It wouldn’t be a big stretch for her to play full-time shortstop again next year. After all, he”s already played 826 games in the first team. You can never discount experience. They even have a veteran second baseman in Choi Joo-hwan, who was drafted in the second round. The Kim Hye-sung-Choo Joo-hwan keystone combo is one of the best offensive balance and margin combinations in the league.

Furthermore, if Kim has a successful season at shortstop next year, he can lay the groundwork for a major league career through the Hankook Posting System after the 2024 season. As the player’s value increases, Kiwoom, not to mention himself, will be able to collect more posting fees. Two birds with one stone.

However, Hong Won-ki is struggling. For him, the team is more important than individual players. While 2024 is supposed to be a rebuilding season, two consecutive last-place finishes and no postseason appearances are unacceptable. In fact, in the KBO, rebuilding doesn’t have much meaning, and it’s only when the team has some kind of guarantee that rebuilding becomes more meaningful.

Kim Hye-sung at the ‘2023 KBO Golden Glove’ award ceremony held at COEX Auditorium in Samseong-dong, Seoul on December 11, 2023/My Daily

In that regard, Hong Won-ki still seems to think that Kim Hye-sung is a better option at second base. This should also be respected. However, there is about a month and a half until spring training, so it remains to be seen what Won-ki Hong’s final choice will be.

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