‘Crazy Debut Goal’ Kim Min-jae Explodes Attack Power with Monster Defense… Munich’s 3-0 Grand Victory over Stuttgart ‘Kane Multi-Goal’

‘Crazy Debut Goal’ Kim Min-jae Explodes Attack Power with Monster Defense… Munich’s 3-0 Grand Victory over Stuttgart ‘Kane Multi-Goal’

It was a game of all kinds of bad luck for Kim Min-jae, but he finally overcame the monster. Kim Min-jae, whose debut goal almost disappeared after moving to Bayern Munich, scored his first league goal in the 2023-24 season by focusing until the end.

Bayern Munich defeated Stuttgart 3-0 in the 15th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday (Korea time). Munich added three more points to maintain its second place in the league. It is four points ahead of Bayer Leverkusen, which is ranking first. Meanwhile, Stuttgart, which lost, remained in the fourth place due to its weak performance in the early stages.랭크카지노

There were two things to pay attention to in this match. First of all, it was a meeting between Kirashi and Kim Min-jae, who have shown superior scoring ability after Kane in the 2023-24 Bundesliga. Girashi scored 16 goals in 12 league games, better than Kane in the early stages of this season. It is true that the flow has slowed down a bit after his hamstring injury, but he is a player who should never let his guard down.

Attention was also drawn to what kind of defense Kim Min-jae will show against Girashi, which is being paid attention to by big European clubs.

Next up was the Korean Derby. Stuttgart plays for the South Korean national team and is also part of Jung Woo-young, who led Korea to the gold medal by rising to the top scorer at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. Jung left Freibukr for Stuttgart this summer’s transfer window.

At the beginning of the season, he seemed to be the main player, but after returning from the Asian Games, his competitive position for the main player weakened. Recently, it was a situation that provided an opportunity for a turnaround by continuing to come out as a replacement. Kim Min-jae was very likely to be the starter, so if Jung Woo-young played, the Korean Derby could have been achieved. Kim Min-jae has played the Korean Derby with Lee Jae-sung, who is already active in Mainz.

In this match, Munich chose a 4-2-3-1 formation. Harry Kane was deployed at the forefront. Kane’s selection was quite noticeable. Ahead of the match, Munich coach Thomas Tuchel once said Kane was in poor health. Kane was ready to start by dispelling concerns from fans.

Thomas Muller, Jamal Musiala and Leroy Sane helped Kane in the second term. There was a change in the center. Aleksandar Pavlovic and Rafael Guerreiro combination, not Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka combination, were activated. It was the first time this season that the two players worked together in the center.

Led by Kim Min-jae, the defense team consisted of Alfonso Davis, Dayo Upamecano and Konrad Reimer. The goal was kept by Manuel Neuer. Munich, which has many injuries, only six players were on the replacement list. Fortunately, Matthijs de Licht, who returned to team training, was included.

Stuttgart prepared for a 4-4-2 formation. Seru Girasi and Denis Udav matched the two-top. On the side, Chris Furich and Enzo Milo started. Anello Stiller and Atacan Carazo were placed in the center. Only Maximilian Mittelstedt, Dean-Axel Zagadou, Valdemar Anton and Joshua Pagnaud came out in the back four. Alexander Nouvell was in charge of the goalkeeper’s glove.

Kane scored the first goal 80 seconds into the match. Munich had been stealing the ball from pressure, and Mueller sent the ball straight to the front. With Mueller’s pass headed somewhat vague, goalkeeper Nouvelle also jumped out. However, Sané, who was fast, was faster. Sané calmly conceded the ball to Kane. Kane calmly pushed the ball into the empty net.

It was the moment when Kane scored his 19th goal in the league. Girasi, who is competing for the top scorer with Kane, had no choice but to watch Kane score. Kane’s score was also a very historic score for Munich.

“Through this match, Munich scored 64 consecutive home matches in the Bundesliga. This is the same as the Bundesliga record. Munich had previously set this record from 1970 to 1974,” the football statistics media OPTA said. Munich kept the mood alive by scoring Reimer’s shot in the eighth minute of the first half.

Stuttgart aimed for a comeback goal by taking on a more aggressive mindset after the loss. Stuttgart’s first chance came in the 8th minute of the first half. An appropriate pass was put into Dennis Udav, who penetrated into half space. Gereiro clung to Udav, but was pushed aside by the first shooting trick. Udav tried to shoot after beating Guerreiro, but Kim Min-jae accurately read the shooting trajectory and blocked it with his body.

Stuttgart continued to be aggressive. In the 18th minute of the first half, when Munich’s defense line collapsed, he showed a perfect penetration, but Neuer popped out and caught the ball first. In the 19th minute of the first half, Stuttgart tried to counterattack after Munich’s attack failed, but Kim Min-jae, who read the pass path in advance, succeeded in blocking it.

Munich proceeded with the attack after Kim Min-jae’s proper defense came out, but it was cut off. Stuttgart tried to attack the side again, but Kim Min-jae brought the ball again. After bringing the ball, the choice of pass was a bit disappointing.

Stuttgart’s offensive continued, but Kim Min-jae’s defensive concentration was better than usual. In the 20th minute of the first half, only fullback Wagner advanced. Only Wagner tried to enter the penalty box after one-two passes with Udav.

Again, Kim Min-jae read the opponent’s attack pattern first and defended. Kim Min-jae also showed strength in the competition with Anton and created a goal kick. Neuer came up to Kim Min-jae, who fell, and gave him a high five.

Kim Min-jae’s crazy performance led to a goal. Alfonso won a free kick in a good position in the 25th minute of the first half. Mueller and Pavlovic prepared. Pavlovic’s free kick was delivered to the door sharply. Kim Min-jae jumped much higher after overcoming the defense’s checks, and scored his Munich debut goal and Bundesliga debut goal with a perfect header.

It was a perfect header that goalkeeper Nouvel could not even use his hands.

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