KIA presented last-minute revision proposal to Kim Sun-bin… Can both sides agree on total amount

KIA presented last-minute revision proposal to Kim Sun-bin… Can both sides agree on total amount

A professional baseball official expressed Kim Sun-bin’s negotiation process in this way. Emotional reactions come out from time to time, but it is a very common negotiation process that does not necessarily have to be good or bad.헤라카지노

In any case, the important thing is that KIA is willing to catch Kim Sun-bin and sent Kim Sun-bin a “revised proposal.”

However, it is clear that there is a difference in evaluation methods between KIA and Kim Sun-bin.

From KIA’s point of view, it puts higher weight on past values than Kim Sun-bin’s future values. Kim Sun-bin is showing this season because his skills are certainly coming down from his heyday.

Kim Sun-bin has a high batting average, but it is a catch for Kia that he showed very poor performance in defense, base running and slugging percentage. He also suffered a hamstring injury midway through the season. On top of that, his lack of batting performance by other teams also plays a role.

This is why he hesitates to sign a large long-term contract.

Park Min, who recently sent to the Australian League, will also have an impact without knowing that he is growing smoothly.

Park Min has been hitting hard in the last seven games in Australia. Of course, the Australian League’s performance itself doesn’t mean much. However, it means that the club is clear that it should prepare for Kim Sun-bin’s back. This has a lot of implications.

However, Kim has a different stance. He has done his best for his team as a captain despite tough times this season.

As can be seen from the batting average of 0.321, his high-sensitivity contact ability has not been rusty yet. He is preparing for next season by steadily reducing the number on top of that. Kim Sun-bin’s position is that he still has enough competitiveness as a second baseman.

In the end, contracts have a profound effect on prices by the sum of future and past values, and demand in the market.

“We are still determined to catch Kim Sun-bin. We are doing our best,” the KIA team said in a phone call with this newspaper. “It is right that negotiations are nearing the end,” it added.

It means that we have reached a crossroads of agreement or breakdown, and it also means that we sent a proposal for an amendment close to the end to Kim Sun-bin. This is in line with the meaning that the total amount is no longer easy to change at this point.

After all, what is important is a “solid agreement in total”. If an agreement is reached in a large framework, there is room for options to be slightly conceded and adjusted.

Now the ball is passed to Kim Sun-bin. If Kim accepts the terms offered by the club, he is effectively a “long-term Kia man.” If not, he is a “goodbye.”

An official from the KIA team said, “We don’t know when it will be concluded. It would be nice if it is concluded within the year, but the player’s position is also important. I just hope the negotiations will end well.”

Will KIA club and Kim Sun-bin be able to hold hands before the year changes.

Fans’ hearts are also burning in the gap that seems to be narrowed but does not narrow.

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