Manager Lee Jung-hyo, who watched the EPL through his eyes, said, “Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, I respect you.”

Manager Lee Jung-hyo, who watched the EPL through his eyes, said, “Son Heung-min, Hwang Hee-chan, I respect you.”

Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo, who led Gwangju FC to the third place in the K-League for the 2023 season, is busy this winter. After finishing the entire season, he left for England, the leader of modern soccer, and captured advanced soccer in person.랭크카지노

Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who is more sincere in soccer than anyone else, watched the two matches and gained confidence in his philosophy. He also showed respect for Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), who are demonstrating their presence in the higher level of the English Premier League (EPL), and cheered for their juniors.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who boarded a flight to Europe on the 12th, returned home on the 21st after watching the EPL match between the UEFA Europa League and Arsenal-Brighton in Brighton and Hove Albion-Marceu (France) in England.

“I’m still jet-lagged. I’m still struggling. I’ve been working all the time in England,” Lee said in a telephone interview with News 1 on Sunday. “I couldn’t rest well even though it was a break time,” Lee said. “Actually, I wanted to check something more than I thought I was learning in England. It was tough, but I had a great time.”

First of all, coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “I came to admire Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan even more. It is phenomenal that he is competitive and stands out in the EPL,” adding, “The same goes for Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) and Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) who are playing in Europe.”

At the same time, head coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “Thumbs up, Heo Yul, and Jeong Ho-yeon, who are currently talking about entering Europe in Gwangju, are still far away. If you go to Europe now, it will be a lame situation,” adding, “It is a wise way to prepare well and choose a team and league well like Cho Kyu-sung.”

Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who experienced advanced soccer, became more confident in his philosophy.

“I was able to confirm that the direction of aggressive soccer, which I have been emphasizing ever since my debut as a coach last year, is correct. I will continue aggressive soccer until I retire next year as well,” Lee said.

“Actually, while watching the game, I envied Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta and Brighton coach Roberto de Gervy. If I were born in England, I also thought that I could coach world-class players,” he said, adding, “It may sound sad for Gwangju players, but I will try to grow them myself.”

The Gwangju team will depart for Chiang Mai, Thailand, through Incheon International Airport on Jan. 3 next year. Coach Lee Jung-hyo must prepare for 2024, without taking a break before the off-season training.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo should set up a team with a view to weakening his team’s capability. Team Korea Timo, Aaron, Asani, Lee Soon-min, Um Ji-sung and Jeong Ho-yeon are already drawing keen attention from other teams in Gwangju, which showed their competitive edge to the extent that they ranked third in the K-League last season.

On rumors of a transfer, coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “I asked the team to recruit key players in the process of renewing the contract with Gwangju. The team also accepted the request, so I renewed the contract,” adding, “(The team) will not send players as it pleases.”

He added, “We shared a positive vision for the club, the environment and the youth team during the renewal negotiations,” and added, “We will show the color of Gwangju next season.”

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