From ‘Defensive Professional’ to ‘Reading Airborne’… Kim Ha-sung, MLB.COM’s ‘Beyond Expectations’ Player

From ‘Defensive Professional’ to ‘Reading Airborne’… Kim Ha-sung, MLB.COM’s ‘Beyond Expectations’ Player

Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres), who spent a year excelling in batting with Korea’s first Gold Glove award, was considered one of the players who performed better than expected in 2023.

MLB.COM introduced eight players on the 25th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “In MLB, there are cases where players who have not received attention before perform more than expected. This year, some players showed their value of existence by performing in a way that no one can deny.”

MLB.COM is the fourth among them to mention Kim Ha-sung. “Kim Ha-sung took the starting position in the 2022 season with outstanding defense, but his outlook for the 2023 season was gloomy,” the media said before looking back on his expectations before the season. Last year, Kim Ha-sung was listed as the final three shortstop players for the Gold Glove in the National League. Fernando Tatis Jr. contributed to his team’s advance to the postseason and the National League Championship Series by filling in the gap between the two players who were sidelined due to injury and drug punishment. However, his batting performance deteriorated, with his batting average standing at 0.251. Eventually, the team hired All-Star shortstop Xander Bogaerts for 11 years and 280 million dollars. Recalling the situation at the time, the media also said, “Kim Ha-sung’s position has narrowed.”월카지노

However, Kim Ha-sung moved to second base and played as a starting player as good as Bogaerts. “Kim Ha-sung overcame competition within the team and performed amazingly,” MLB.COM said, “He won the Gold Glove Award and also got votes in the MVP voting.”

MLB.COM said that Kim Ha-sung posted a batting average of 0.260 with 17 homers and 60 RBIs, adding that his on-base percentage (0.351) increased by 0.034 from last year, and his stolen base also increased from 12 to 38. Proving his value with on-base percentage, stolen bases, and home runs, he also played an active part in the San Diego Padres’ leadoff this season. Based on the baseball reference standard, his WAR (contribution to victory compared to substitute) was 5.8, beating all the fielders in his team including Bogaerts (4.4). His performance was comparable to that of Team Ace Blake Snell (6.0), the winner of the Cy Young Award. MLB.COM also said that while San Diego has not advanced to the postseason this season due to its ups and downs, Kim Ha-sung has continued to show off his steady performance and led the team.

Meanwhile, media picked Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Kyle Brady, Seattle Mariners infielder J.P. Crawford, Colorado Rockies outfielder Nolan Jones, Texas Rangers left-hander Jordan Montgomery, Chicago White Sox outfielder Lewis Robert, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Justin Steele and Philadelphia Phillies infielder Bryson Statt as players who exceeded expectations in 2023 along with Kim Ha-sung.

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