‘If you don’t fill the gap in the SON Asian Cup, it’s over!’ Tottenham recruits Son Heung-min’s replacement

‘If you don’t fill the gap in the SON Asian Cup, it’s over!’ Tottenham recruits Son Heung-min’s replacement

This season, Son Heung-min scored 11 goals and is tied for third in the Premier League scoring rankings. In particular, Son’s presence as captain is absolute. With Harry Kane transferred to Munich, Tottenham was able to rank fourth, which is a huge stake of Son Heung-min.랭크카지노

Tottenham is facing its biggest crisis. Ace Son Heung-min will miss up to five matches in the Asian Cup. Son Heung-min will play in the match against Bournemouth on the 31st and is expected to join the national team in the UAE on the 2nd. Tottenham should immediately play without Son Heung-min from the FA Cup against Burnley on the 6th.

Tottenham, which is on alert, started looking for a substitute in the January transfer market. “Son Heung-min, who has scored 11 goals this season, has scored twice as many goals as his teammates. It is a huge loss for Tottenham that he will join the Korean national team to play in the Asian Cup. Engie Postecoglou wants to recruit a versatile striker to fill Son’s absence,” the British newspaper reported.

Postecoglou sent a love call to his student when he was at Celtic. Jota (24, R-Itihad) from Portugal is the main character. Born in Benfica, Portugal, he is a winger who has scored 10 goals and 11 goals for Celtic over two seasons in 2021-23.

However, Jota, who moved to the Saudi Arabian League Al-Tihad this season, has had one goal in five games. At a time when he was supposed to grow as a player, he moved to a lower level league based on money rather than skills improvement.

To fill the void left by Mickey van der Ben and Christian Romero, the team will also reinforce its center back. Tottenham has Jean-Claire Todibo (24, Nice) as its top candidate. However, as Manchester United is also keeping an eye on this player, it will not be easy to recruit him.

Toshin Adarabioyo (26, Fulham), Jarrod Branswaite (21, Everton), Lloyd Kelly (25, Bournemouth), Mark Gehi (23, Crystal Palace), and Radu Dragusin (21, Genoa) are also on the list of recruits.

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