Choi Jung, Son Ah-seop, Kang Min-ho, Yang Hyun-jong… KBO’s ‘signboard’ will change in 2024

Choi Jung, Son Ah-seop, Kang Min-ho, Yang Hyun-jong… KBO’s ‘signboard’ will change in 2024

Gapjin year 2024 is expected to change its name, which has long been at the top of the KBO league record rankings.

It is time for star players in their late 30s, who have supported Korean professional baseball so far, to receive honorable rewards who have firmly defended the KBO League.헤라카지노

First of all, Choi Jung (SSG Landers) is the player who reserved the position of the main character of the most home run record, which can be called the “flower of baseball.”

Choi Jeong, who debuted in 2005 and has been playing in the KBO League for 19 seasons so far this year, has a total of 458 home runs.

The No. 1 player in this category is Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop with “467 home runs,” who was loved as a “national hitter” during his active career.

If Choi Jeong adds 10 more home runs, he will have the honor of the KBO League’s most home runs on his chest.

Choi Jeong, the most consistent hitter in the KBO League, has hit double-digit home runs for 18 consecutive seasons from 2006 to this year, and he ranked second in the league with 29 home runs this season.

If there are no sudden variables, it is likely to achieve a new record in the first half of the year.

KBSN sports commentator Park Yong-taek’s 2,504 hits, the most in the KBO league, in 2020, are also expected to fall to second place in 2024.

This is because Son Ah-seop (NC Dinos), who hit 187 hits this season to mark his second heyday, is waiting.

Son Ah-seop, who has a total of 2,416 hits, will win the most hits title in the KBO league if he hits 89 more hits in 2024.

Son Ah-seop is also a “master of hits” who has made triple-digit hits for 14 consecutive seasons since 2010, so he can set a new record next season.

Son Ah-seop is considered the most likely candidate to challenge the KBO league’s first 3,000 hits beyond Park Yong-taek’s “2504 hits.”

Kang Min-ho (Samsung Lions) is on the verge of setting the record for the largest number of business trips, which can be said to be a symbol of steadiness.

Kang Min-ho, who has played in a total of 2,233 games, is only four games behind Park Yong-taek’s KBO league record of 2,237 games.

In 2024, Kang Min-ho is expected to keep the position of Samsung’s main catcher, so a new record will be created a week after the opening of the regular season.

Kang Min-ho shines even more because he has a record of playing in the position of a catcher who consumes a lot of physical strength.

Only six catchers have played in more games than Kang Min-ho in the U.S. Major League (MLB) with a history of well over 100 years.

Yang Hyun-jong to pitch 170 innings for 9 consecutive seasons

Among pitchers, Yang Hyun-jong (KIA Tigers), who has already made numerous milestone records, will challenge his seniors’ great records again.

This time, it’s a career strikeout.

Yang Hyun-jong, who has struck out a total of 1,947 so far this year, approached Song Jin-woo’s 2,48 strikeouts, the most in the category, by 101 runs.

Yang Hyun-jong has struck out in triple digits for nine consecutive seasons so far this year.

If Song Jin-woo sets the record of “triple-digit strikeouts for 10 consecutive years” in 2024, he can also make his “KBO League’s Best Doctor K” title his own.

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