What is the reason for the negative reaction to the youngest president of the Japan Football Association?

What is the reason for the negative reaction to the youngest president of the Japan Football Association?

Tsunayasu Miyamoto, 46, executive director of the Japan Football Association, was approved as the next president by a majority of votes in a vote of confidence in the interim board on Dec. 24.

Kozo Miyamoto, 66, will serve as the 13th president of the Japan Football Association in March 2024. Tsunayasu Miyamoto, the managing director, is running independently as the next president. This is why the election was conducted through a vote of confidence asking for and against the president, not a competitive election.랭크카지노

Unless sudden change occurs, executive director Tsunayasu Miyamoto will take office as the 14th chairman in spring next year. He will be the youngest president of the Japan Football Association in history and the first president to participate in a FIFA World Cup finals.

Tsunayasu Miyamoto is the captain of the Korean national team when he won the 13th Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup in 2004. After being recognized as a top-class coach of Japanese professional soccer including the 2020 J1 League Leader of the Year award, he has been serving as an administrator.

It is an ideal picture for anyone to see that a central defender, who displayed his defense line control during his active career, came to take charge of Japanese soccer administration after serving as a leader. According to “Flash,” however, former national team players showed strange reactions, saying that he is such a natural leader.

Flash is a weekly magazine published by Gobunsha, a Japanese publishing house. Gobunsha is a brother and sister company to Gobunsha, which is famous in Korea. “Gobunsha is a brother and sister company to Hidetoshi Nakata, 46, the head coach of the Brazilian national team, who asked not to be identified,” the Japanese team said on condition of anonymity.

Hidetoshi Nakata was voted as one of the 125 greatest superstars to celebrate the 100th anniversary of FIFA at the age of 27, but he did not participate in the 2004 Asian Cup. According to Flash, he also declined the captain of the 7th International Federation of Football Associations Cup in 2005 and the 18th German World Cup in 2006.

“While Hideoshi Nakata insisted on not liking him, Tsunayasu Miyamoto also took charge of the 2005 Confederations Cup and 2006 World Cup,” the Japanese national team members testified at the time.

Japan passed Group D of the 2004 AFC Asian Cup round of 16 with two wins and one draw, but the quarter-final match against Jordan was unexpectedly difficult, with a 1-1 tie even after 120 minutes of overtime.

As the grass at the scheduled spot for the penalty shootout looked rough, Miyamoto Tsunayasu’s appeal to “kick in a good place to be fair to each other” was accepted, which helped him to advance to the semifinals of the Asian Cup.

However, the “Captain’s Great Performance,” which was praised even then, explains that Miyamoto Tuneyasu, who speaks English, delivered his colleagues’ complaints to the referee instead, was over-packed with “leadership of exemplary captain.”

“Flash” also introduced that there are many voices from employees of the Japan Football Association, saying, “I am not sure what the executive director Tsunayasu Miyamoto has achieved over the past two years and what he wanted to do. His ability as a chairman is still difficult to know.”

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