“The reason I’m taking Dong-hee to the U.S. is because…” Lee Dae-ho’s junior love, Kang Jung-ho’s school is recognized, and even to the bone, “Cham Sun-bae.”

“The reason I’m taking Dong-hee to the U.S. is because…” Lee Dae-ho’s junior love, Kang Jung-ho’s school is recognized, and even to the bone, “Cham Sun-bae.”

Lee Dae-ho (41, retirement) will take Lotte Giants juniors Han Dong-hee (24) and Jeong-hoon (36) to Kang Jung-ho Academy in Los Angeles. He is a veteran who helps younger players train with his own money. Lee Dae-ho, in particular, expressed deep regret over Han Dong-hee, who needs to grow into Lotte’s flagship hitter.헤라카지노

Lee Dae-ho talked about why he is taking Han Dong-hee and Jung-hoon directly to LA on his YouTube channel Lee Dae-ho [RE:DAEHO] on the 30th. “The reason I’m taking Dong-hee to the U.S. is because I can talk about it mentally, but the problem with the players is that they have skills, but I’m not sure if my skills are certain or not. If I think a lot and I’m not sure, I think a lot about the other side,” he said.

Lee Dae-ho said, “I want to give Han Dong-hee confidence in his batting performance. And I think that if Kang Jung-ho touches him, who has been recognized for his batting leadership, synergy will occur. “Jung-ho succeeded in the Major League and his batting theory is known to be good,” he said. “Since (Son) A-seop came and went, all players in the professional league now say that they really like Kang because he showed good performance. If you trust yourself with just one such coaching comment, synergy will come out.”

Of course, Lee Dae-ho can offer both technical and psychological advice to Han Dong-hee if he decides to. But the important thing is Han Dong-hee who accepts it. “I can tell you technically, but Dong-hee needs to be sure. Jung-ho will make me practice more about the technology, but if he tells me not to doubt it, I think it would be better if Dong-hee believes in it and starts, so I should take him to the U.S.,” Lee said.

Lee Dae-ho is a great golfer. “I am also a Lotte fan. If Dong-hee and Jung-hoon do well, I would be even more proud of them.” A baseball player’s just one word of such coaching can change his mind. “I’ve been a player for a long time, but I haven’t been a coach a lot. It would be helpful if I go to Jung-ho, who teaches now in a baseball class, and get some confidence from him. I think it would be good to hear from a good coach,” he said.

The production team was worried about the cost, but Lee Dae-ho said, “Dong-hee should do it for me again.” “Even if Dong-hee and Hun went to a month-long training camp, I spent that much more. It’s not a waste of money. Hun needs to light a firework at the end. If things go well, it’s a good thing. If things go well, they will treat us to dinner later.”

Lee Dae-ho was full of smiles as he imagined Han Dong-hee and Jung-hoon, who had a lot of concerns about batting, could do well. “I told them to practice, and I met the manager I wanted to see, and Heoil is also going through a hard time. I should meet him.” Roister is in LA, and Heoil is also coaching at Kang Jung-ho Academy.

Lee Dae-ho said, “I think it will be a stepping stone to remain a better baseball player, and I hope it will be a good project.” In addition, the production team announced that they will produce YouTube videos there so as not to interfere with Han Dong-hee and Jung-hoon’s training.

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