Im Sung-jae “My dream is to try on a green jacket… I’ve been focusing on it since the beginning of the season”

Im Sung-jae “My dream is to try on a green jacket… I’ve been focusing on it since the beginning of the season”

Im Sung-jae is scheduled to open the 2024 season starting with The Center of the PGA Tour, which will be held at the Kapalua Resort Plantation Course in Hawaii on the 5th (Korea time).

This is his fourth participation in the event. In his first appearance in January 2021, he tied for fifth place, followed by a tie for eighth and a tie for 13th last year.헤라카지노주소

Im Sung-jae said, “When I come to this course, I have a good memory because I like books. If you get the accuracy of your second shot well, it is advantageous to catch birdies. I think this is why other players are good except for me.”

Kim Joo-hyung and Im Sung-jae at the 2022 Presidents Cup.

Im Sung-jae, who competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In addition to the PGA Tour schedule, there are many competitions that Lim Sung-jae can participate in this year. It is a matter of playing more seasons, but according to the current world ranking, Lim Sung-jae can also participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics and the Presidents Cup, where the U.S. and international teams face off.

“For now, I’m qualified and I don’t know who will participate until I get selected,” Im Sung-jae said. “I want to participate in the Olympics. It’s a different stage from the Asian Games that I played last year. I want to go out and do my best.”

“When I first competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I was so nervous that I wandered around. If I participate in this competition, I would feel less pressure and tension than when I first competed in the competition. The upcoming competition is similar to Paris, which is similar to the U.S. So I think I will be able to get good results if I participate in the competition,” he said.

On the Presidents Cup, he said, “I joined the international team twice. I feel proud. So far, the international team has only won once against the U.S. If I participate in the event for the third time, I will confidently show my performance.”

Sungjae Lim, who competed in the 2022 Masters.

Winning a major championship is still a long-cherished dream. “I want to be greedy in major championships as well. I want to do well in other championships besides the Masters,” Lim said. “The Masters is always No. 1 in my mind. The Masters is different from other major championships. My dream is to wear a green jacket. I want to compete for the title again this time.”

“My performance didn’t come out around the middle of last season, but I think I recovered when I won the Asian Games team gold medal and advanced to the Tour Championship. Since it is a single season this year, I think I need to accumulate FedEx Cup points from the beginning of the season. I will focus from the beginning and give good results,” he said.

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