“Please wake up!” China, which lost to Hong Kong, is also angry… Suddenly canceled holidays, trained three times a day

“Please wake up!” China, which lost to Hong Kong, is also angry… Suddenly canceled holidays, trained three times a day

China lost to Hong Kong 1-2 in a closed-door exhibition match held at the Baniyas Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates on Monday (Korea time). China, ranked 79th in FIFA rankings, suffered a humiliating loss to Hong Kong, ranking 150th.랭크카지노

It was the first time in 39 years that China lost to Hong Kong since 1985. China took the lead with Tan Long’s first goal at the ninth minute of the first half. However, the team collapsed on its own due to the “Kung Fu Football” in which as many as three players were sent off.

Midfielder Wang Sangyuan was sent off at the 11th minute of the second half for making offensive remarks to the referee. Angered by the complaint, China suffered humiliation when even its national team coach was sent off at the 19th minute of the second half. Even defender Wu Xiaochong was sent off at the 27th minute of the second half, destroying himself.

China confirmed its 26-man roster early on April 19 and is going all-in to the Asian Cup. It also held three exhibition games before the opening of the Asian Cup. It was a relief that it lost the game without spectators.

Chinese media and fans are also responding coldly. “The Chinese national team was humiliated by losing to fourth-rate Hong Kong, not third-rate Hong Kong,” Sohu Dotcom said.

Aleksandar Jankovic, 52, who is leading the Chinese national team, is also angry. He is known to have abruptly canceled his two-day rest schedule and summoned players for training in the morning. He also punished three players for their graduation match, in which they were sent off.

“We got up early the morning after the Chinese team lost and had a morning training session. The team had three training sessions a day. Jankovic hopes that the players will come to their senses and regain their rhythm as soon as possible,” said Sohu Dotcom.

China belongs to Group A along with Qatar, the host country, Tajikistan and Lebanon at the Asian Cup. I wonder if China can even have one win with its record of losing to Hong Kong.

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