Ryu Hyun-jin’s “former teammate” who succeeded in .300-20 home runs last year… “He will become one of the superstars.”

Ryu Hyun-jin’s “former teammate” who succeeded in .300-20 home runs last year… “He will become one of the superstars.”

Will Toronto Blue Jays infielder Bo Bissett, 25, who shared a room with Ryu, become a superstar this year? Ryu is looking for a new team, and his old teammate is expected to become a Toronto superstar.

MLB.com predicted on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time), “Bissett will establish himself as one of the superstars in the American League.”마카오카지노

Bissett made his debut back in 2019. He spent four seasons with Ryu Hyun-jin, who has played in the Toronto uniform since 2020. Bissett played in 46 games in his rookie season, batting 311 with 11 homers and 21 RBIs.

In 2020, he played 29 games, and in the 2021 season, he hit 29 home runs and 102 RBIs in 159 games. In the 2022 season, he hit 2924 home runs and 93 RBIs in 159 games, and last year, he hit a batting average of 366, 20 home runs and 73 RBIs in 135 games.

“Bissett has proven that he can hit .300 every year,” MLB.com said. “Considering that he plays almost every day, he can continue to build records in 2024 and become a superstar.”

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Rumors have it that the Bissette, an American League All-Star in 2021 and 2023, could be used as a trade card with the Chicago Cubs last year. However, according to the Canadian media “TSN Sports,” General Manager Ross Akins said the Bissette trade would not take place.

“Bissett is a really good player. We are lucky to have him,” Akins said.

Bissett is a player with good contact skills. He can penetrate the infield with strong hits. He was the player with the most hits in the American League last 2021 and 2022 seasons. He had 191 hits in 2021 and 189 hits in 2022.

MLB.com predicted that Bissett would steal more bases. MLB.com said, “Last year, Bissett lacked stolen bases. Although he failed to achieve it in 2023, he expects a season of 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases. In the 2024 season, Bissett can be among the top five voting MVP in the American League. He has talent and he can play in 162 games.”

Bissett stole five bases last year. However, he also stole a career-high 25 bases in 2021. It’s not that he doesn’t have a focus. It remains to be seen what season he will have this year.

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