“No Players” Demand Is High, But Supply Is Short… Transfer Market Hot topic Central Defender ‘Famine’

“No Players” Demand Is High, But Supply Is Short… Transfer Market Hot topic Central Defender ‘Famine’

In modern soccer, the central defender plays various roles. It should be a central axis not only in defense but also in the rear build-up process. The right to provide is also an essential factor in a set-piece situation. As such, the role and weight of the team are increasing. One mistake is a loss. The risk is high. Therefore, the ransom of the central defenders naturally went through the roof. From the club’s point of view, it is difficult to recruit a defender.

Not only in the K-League, but also other leagues are paying attention. This is one of the reasons behind the “famine of defenders” in the K-League. China and Japan are also showing keen interest in Korean defenders. For the Pohang Steelers, Alex Grant and Ha Chang-rae will leave their teams in the Asian quarter. They will transfer to Tianjin Man-hu (China) and Nagoya Grampus (Japan), respectively. Their performances in the Asian Champions League (ACL) have become a critical hit. Gwangju FC defender Timo is also receiving love calls from various teams including Korea.랭크카지노주소

Pohang lost both of its main defenders last season. The team moved to reinforce this. It failed to find Lee Dong-hee, who played in the K-League 2. On top of that, the team is also working to recruit a defender from Australia.

Not only these defenders but also the whole team lacks resources as a central defender. Go Myeong-seok, a defender who played for Suwon Samsung until last season, had to sign a contract with Gwangju FC before switching to Daegu FC in a hurry. Defender Hong Jeong-woon, who became a free agent, left for Daejeon Hana Citizen after failing to renew his contract with Daegu. For Daegu FC, it was inevitable to supply and demand defenders. In fact, Daegu has succeeded in “hijacking.” Jeonbuk Hyundai also recruited defender Lee Jae-ik, who only played in the K League 2.

K-League 1 teams are now concentrating their efforts on K-League 2. Clubs that cannot afford to invest smoothly will inevitably face even more difficulties in securing central defenders. “There are no central defenders. We have to be satisfied just by bringing in defenders,” said a K-League leader who served as coaches and managers. Another official added, “A defender has more skills than before, and recruitment has become a ‘stars in the sky’.”

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