“It’s gold, it’s fine, I’ve raised my pet…” Japanese public opinion has become cold due to the indiscriminate use of force

“It’s gold, it’s fine, I’ve raised my pet…” Japanese public opinion has become cold due to the indiscriminate use of force

It happened in May 2022. It was the Lotte-Orix match held at the Chiba Stadium. There was a small commotion in the second inning. There was an emotional fight over the strike decision.

It was the first pitch of his conversation. It was a packed outer course. It would be enough even if he caught the ball. However, the center fielder turns a blind eye. Of course, the pitcher complains. It is not just his facial expression. I heard him grumbling to himself. His mouth pouting like this. “No way.”

“It was then. The referee who saw that got angry. He took off his mask and strode toward the mound. It is a walk full of emotions. The catcher tries to dry it in a hurry. But it is no use. Rather, he met a scary look up and down.

At some point, the distance narrowed. It’s an advance right in front of the pitcher. And then it fires a laser into the eye. “Hey, you. What? What did you say?”

The Japanese archipelago turned upside down at this scene. If we do it our way, there is a controversy over “kkondae.” There is a flurry of boos for the referee. When a subtle decision is made, harsh abusive language bursts out in the stands. The assigned schedule is also known to the outside world. We are in a position to worry about our personal safety.헤라카지노주소

Numerous media have criticized it. TV entertainment and current affairs programs are also covered as issues. An interview with a psychologist has appeared. Some say that the judge needs anger control treatment. It even spreads to the political world. There was a strong condemnation against Japanese society as a whole.

It was a case in which 45-year-old referee Kazuyuki Shirai got in trouble. Of course, the scene was not beautiful. Still, it is not a big deal. Sometimes, he gets bumped to the ground. Nevertheless, controversy did not easily fall asleep. It was noisy for more than a week.

There is just one reason. It is because of the opponent Shira relented. The victim of kkondae was Rocky Sasaki (then 21 years old). He is a pitcher who is called the “Monster with Reiwa.” Yeonho does not apply to anyone. “Monster with Showa (Suguru Egawa)” and “Monster of Heisei (Daisuke Matsuzaka).” This literally means that the team continues its genealogy.

A few weeks before the accident, the team also achieved a “perfect game” that would go down in history. It had 19K hits in a game, 13 consecutive K hits, and 52 consecutive bad hits. It boasts a fastball that easily exceeds 160km. It is a expectation that will carry the future of Japanese baseball. Having touched such a hero, the public anger is natural in a way.

However, the atmosphere has changed recently. The public has a cold eye for “Monster with Ray.” This is because the public is asking for an immature advance into the U.S.

It was after the end of the last season. Suddenly, a embarrassing report was reported. He requested the club to apply for posting. Perhaps, a series of NPB players’ advance to the Major League was a stimulus. Shohei Ohtani may have been encouraged by his successful case.

However, there is no way that the Chiba Lotte club will allow it. It has made it clear that it is not yet. Then, this time, he takes the annual salary renewal as hostage. He did not even sit at the negotiation table, and passed the year. This is the first time since joining the club.

Such a situation is not common in Japan. An agreement usually ends within December. This is especially true for players with lower years of experience. It is a shame that the team is dragging its feet due to money issues. This is the first time in five years since 2019. At that time, 34-year-old Tomohisa Ohtani, a ninth-year pitcher, continued his scuffle through the following year

Public opinion is not good about this behavior. It is widely believed that the government claims too early. It is only one season that has exceeded 100 innings. All of them are 129.1 innings (9 wins and 4 losses) in 2022. This year is the end of 91 innings (7 wins and 4 losses). The total over four years of professional career is only 283.2 innings.

Injuries are also attributable to him. However, there is another real reason. It is gold, jade, and cherished him. In the first year (2019), there was no actual record at all. He did not even send him to the second division. He kept him in the first division, and only corrected his pitching form, ran, weight training, and pitched in the bullpen.

It is a murmur that he is already thinking about leaving without knowing such grace. It is pointed out that he is trying to leave the team now that it is a little useful. Several media outlets have published columns criticizing this. Baseball players’ comments are cited that they should not.

Furthermore, ages are required. Under 25s can only sign international amateur contracts. The amount allocated to each ML team is very limited. If a player enters the posting market, the transfer fee (the amount of posting) will also be proportional to this. Sasaki will turn 23 this year. The portion of his return to Chiba Lotte should also be considered.

Yahoo Japan has also received negative responses from most of its articles. There are dozens of comments or more than 600 comments. They include “disappointing,” “not Dory,” and “ironic.” I have selected a few.

“It’s no comparison between Otani and Yamamoto. They left for their dreams after winning the team. They went out with sufficient justification and qualification.”

“Have you ever kept the rotation even for a year? I can’t relate to it yet.”

“When I go to the Major League, I have to take the mound after a four-day break. I’m still suffering from frequent injuries. Can I endure that?”

“I’ve grown under great protection since I was in high school. It’s right to pay back this kind of favor and then leave.”

“Posting is definitely the right of the club. It is impossible to make such a request, knowing clearly that you will lose.”

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