Paris Saint-Germain has made ‘huge decision’… Will the ‘biggest’ transfer be made in January

Paris Saint-Germain has made ‘huge decision’… Will the ‘biggest’ transfer be made in January

Paris Saint-Germain are aiming for the biggest transfer this winter. The 26-year-old Newcastle ace Bruno Guimarães will spend an “astronomical” transfer fee to recruit him in January. With Paris Saint-Germain trying to touch the terms of the amount of money allowed to be released (buyout) by Guimarães, it is up to the player to decide whether to transfer.마카오카지노

The Brazilian version of TNT Sports reported on the 5th (Korea time), “Paris Saint-Germain wants to recruit Guimarães in January and has inquired about the player from Newcastle. The buyout clause for Guimarães is 116 million euros and can be paid three times,” adding, “It is interesting for Newcastle, which has to abide by the FFF rules. Transfer depends on player acceptance.”

Paris Saint-Germain, who has Veraldu (20) this winter and is set to recruit Gabrieu Moscardu (18, Coricians), will make a “large recruitment” this time. With his outstanding performances in the Premier League, he has strengthened his will to recruit Guimarães, who has become the center of Newcastle. Guimarães renewed his contract with Newcastle until 2028 in October last year, promising his future, and in the process, he reportedly inserted a buyout clause worth 116 million euros.

Paris Saint-Germain has young and talented resources such as Warren Zairemeri (17), Vitinha (23), and Manuel Ugarte (22), but there are not many midfielders to support them. Fabian Lewis (27) is unable to play for a while due to injury, and Carlos Soler (27) is in a slump. Lee Kang-in (22), who plays on the side, sometimes plays in the midfield, but the number of midfielders is far from enough to reveal the color of Luis Enrique (53, Spain).

Therefore, Paris Saint-Germain dreams of a shocking transfer. They found a player who can demonstrate his presence in the midfield, and Guimarães was caught on their radar. Paris Saint-Germain contacted Newcastle to recruit Guimarães, who has a record buyout clause, and is preparing to invoke the buyout clause immediately if the player wants to transfer.

The Brazilian version of TNT Sports said, “If Guimarães chooses to transfer, Paris Saint-Germain will immediately initiate a buyout clause. Everything is in the hands of the player. Guimarães wants to wait a little longer to confirm the remaining options in the upcoming transfer window.”

Brazil’s national midfielder Guimarães has been playing for Newcastle since the winter of 2022 after playing for Atlechuku Paranáensi and Olympique Lyon. With his excellent ability to solve the game based on right-footed kicks in the midfield, he is a player with a high contribution in offense and defense due to his active activity and compliance.

The rumor that Guimarães, who had been linked to giants in every transfer market, will move to Paris Saint-Germain this winter. Paris Saint-Germain, who is ready to trigger Guimarães’ buyout, wants another record-breaking recruitment, and only Neymar (31, Alhilal) and Kylian Mbappe (25) have exceeded 100 million euros in transfer fees in the history of Paris Saint-Germain, which boasts enormous wealth.

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