“I can never tell you that you will do well, but…” Lee Jung-hoo’s prediction for Choo Shin-soo in the “20th year” of the big league

“I can never tell you that you will do well, but…” Lee Jung-hoo’s prediction for Choo Shin-soo in the “20th year” of the big league

Choo Shin-soo (SSG Landers), who will wrap up his active career after the 2024 season, expressed his thoughts on Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), who will play in the Major League.

“No matter how good I am, there seems to be no exact answer. But what I can say with confidence is that Lee Jung-hoo has a higher chance of doing better than any other player I’ve ever seen,” Choo said.

Choo continues to say, “I can never say, ‘I’ll do well there.’ Because Major League Baseball has a lot of amazing players and the average is too high. There is no division of players there. It’s almost the same,” he said. “Lee Jung-hoo is young but I can confidently say that among the players who challenged the U.S. given his calmness, stardom, and personality, he has a high probability of success.”

Lee Jung-hoo entered the professional league after being selected by the Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom) in the first round of the 2017 KBO rookie draft, and left an amazing record of 1,181 hits, 65 home runs, 515 RBIs, 581 runs, and a batting average of 0.340 OPS of 0.898. He ranks first in overall batting average (more than 3,000 at-bats) in the KBO league.

The 2022 season was the year of Lee Jung-hoo. He played 142 games and recorded 193 hits, 23 homers, 113 RBIs and 85 runs batted in with a 0.349 OPS of 0.996. He ranked first in hits, RBIs, batting average, on-base percentage (0.421), and slugging percentage (0.575) and won the first MVP award. He had only 86 games due to surgery to injury to the ankle extension zone, but he finished his final season in the KBO League with 105 hits, six homers, and a batting average of 0.318 OPS.

Afterwards, he joined hands with San Francisco through a posting system. It was a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract. Ahead of the 2022 season, he broke the record of Masataka Yoshida who signed a five-year, 90 million-dollar contract with the Boston Red Sox, and set a new record for posting by Asian baseball players.

There are two main ways for Korean players to enter the Major League. After graduating from high school, they can sign contracts with Major League Baseball teams through free international amateur contracts, or they can knock on the door through a posting system.

Choo Shin-soo and Scott Boras when they joined the Texas Rangers./Getty Images Korea

Choo Shin-soo is a representative player who challenged himself to the Major League after graduating from high school. After graduating from Busan High School, he signed a contract with the Seattle Mariners through free international amateur contract in 2001. He joined the Major League in 2005 and was traded to the Cleveland Indians (now the Guardians). After Tommy John surgery in 2007, he started his Major League career in 2008.헤라카지노주소

In 2008, Choo had 98 hits, 14 homers, 66 RBIs, 68 runs scored, and a batting average of 0.309 OPS 0.946, and recorded 175 hits, 20 homers, 86 RBIs, 87 runs scored, and a batting average of 0.300 OPS 0.883 in 156 games in the 2009 season, and a batting average of 0.300 in the 2010 season. After that, he showed steady performance and was traded to the Cincinnati Reds ahead of the 2013 season.

He was about a year away from becoming a free agent. Choo had 162 hits, 21 homers, 54 RBIs, 107 runs batted in with a 0.285 OPS. Notably, he set the record for most walks in an individual career in the Major League with 112 walks.

Afterwards, he signed a seven-year, 130 million-dollar contract with the Texas Rangers, the highest ever among Korean major leaguers. Ranked second is Lee Jung-hoo. After seven years with Texas, he signed with SSG ahead of the 2021 season and entered the KBO league for the first time. His overall performance over the past three seasons is 325 hits in 361 games, 49 homers, 168 RBIs, 226 runs batted in, and 0.260 OPS 0.819, his first career championship ring in the 2022 season.

Through the posting system, Choo shared his thoughts on how to get to the Major League and what he wants to do after graduating from high school. “Each player must have his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is tough for him to go there after graduating from high school. Life itself was so different that he struggled a lot. It felt like being alone on a desert island. I was lonely and cried a lot. But I learned how to deal with players during my seven years in the Minor League,” he said.

Choo Shin-soo continued, “The Major League is very difficult to get close to because they already have money and are in a high position. However, there is no other minor league, and there is a affection that I have accumulated by sleeping together, riding the bus together for ten hours. Also, because of different races and different thoughts, each player cannot say the same thing. Some people can speak openly, others can talk a little bit back and need time. I think I learned how to communicate and get closer through my life in the minor league,” he said.

Finally, Choo said, “It’s a good idea to apply for posting or get back to the U.S. soon after graduating from high school and learn American culture quickly. I think it’s a personal choice.”

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