SD Kim Ha-sung will also expand MLB base thanks to him

SD Kim Ha-sung will also expand MLB base thanks to him

One of the major league’s game speedup in 2023 and the rule has changed significantly is the expansion of the base.

It has grown from a square measuring 38.1 centimeters to 45.72 centimeters. Naturally, runners have also increased their stolen bases.

Among overseas players, San Diego Padres Kim Ha-sung and Pittsburgh Pirates Bae Ji-hwan also benefited from the base expansion.

Kim Ha-sung increased from 12 in 2022 to 38 in 2023. It is also the most stolen bases in the team. Bae Ji-hwan, who joined the 26-man roster for the opening game of Pittsburgh due to his mobility, made 24. The success rate is 72.7 percent with nine failed stolen bases. Kim Ha-sung also has 80.8 percent with nine failed attempts. The Major League’s average steal success rate is 80.2 percent. Bae Ji-hwan is below the league average. Again, he lacks game experience. Bae Ji-hwan is faster than Kim Ha-sung at foot.

MLB had remarkable records in the stolen base category due to the expansion of the base. It made 3,503 attempts in 4,369 times, accounting for 80.2%. It is the highest success rate since the two leagues measured the failure of stolen bases in 1951.헤라카지노주소

The number of 1.8 attempts per game in 2023 is the highest since 2011.

Five teams have stolen more than 150 bases. No specific team has stolen more than 150 bases since 2016. The Cincinnati Reds are ranked first in the MLB with 190. Kim Ha-sung’s San Diego is ninth in the MLB.

Ronald Acuna Jr., the Atlanta Braves right fielder who joined the 40-70 (homer-stealing) club for the first time in the last season, had 73 stolen bases.

Coming in second place were the Oakland Rays’ Steiuri Ruiz 67, Arizona Diamondbacks’ rookie Corbin Carroll 54, Kansas City Royals’ Bobby Witt Jr. 49, and the Washington Nationals’ CJ Abrams 47. Kim Ha-sung was ranked seventh. Among the top 10 stolen bases, the Abrams, who were traded to the Washington Nationals after sharing a meal with Kim Ha-sung, accounted for 92.1 percent.

Mike Shildt, the new manager, also boasts mobility. Kim Ha-sung’s green light is still in effect. The most stolen bases he stole in a season from Kiwoom in the KBO League were 33 times in 2019. He garnered more stolen bases in San Diego.

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