I didn’t expect to bring in Lee Ji-young…SSG unexpected shot, Kim Min-sik FA’s bargain price crisis ‘Is there only a white flag port?’

I didn’t expect to bring in Lee Ji-young…SSG unexpected shot, Kim Min-sik FA’s bargain price crisis ‘Is there only a white flag port?’

SSG fired a proper shot in the ring of FA negotiations. FA catcher Kim Min-sik (35) who received an unexpected counter punch was driven to the corner. He is on the verge of signing a bargain contract for the FA.헤라카지노

SSG recruited FA catcher Lee Ji-young (38) through signing and trade with Kiwoom on the 12th. He gave Kiwoom 250 million won in cash and a third round pick of the 2025 rookie draft, and received Lee Ji-young, who signed a two-year FA contract for a total of 400 million won (350 million won per year, 50 million won option). He spent a total of 650 million won to recruit Lee Ji-young and used the third round pick of the rookie. He brought in Lee Ji-young as soon as he could buy the next-generation flagship catcher Cho Hyung-woo’s growth time, and put out the urgent fire in the home turf.

Since Kiwoom moved away from the ranking fight last year, rookie catcher Kim Dong-heon has been wearing a starting mask more often. After the season, Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin left, and Lee Ji-young, who finished the season in the second division, was also pushed out of the priority list. Lee Ji-young, who was classified as a B grade because he was the second FA, had a narrow range of movements due to his old age of 38.

However, the situation changed drastically as SSG, which had been sluggish in negotiations with internal FA catcher Kim Min-sik, sought an alternative. They held sign-and-trade talks with Kiwoom, holding out the right to name a rookie at the rebuilding button. Lee Ji-young also strongly wanted to go to SSG, where he could get more opportunities to play, and Kiwoom secured future resources, paving the way for veteran players who had been with him for five years.

Lee Ji-young, who was at the crossroads of her career as a pro golfer, seized a new opportunity, but Kim Min-sik was cornered. Kim Min-sik, the main catcher of SSG last year, focused on negotiations with his original team after coming out as an FA. However, she failed to narrow differences during the negotiations, and as the situation did not change over the years, the mood changed. SSG quickly activated Plan B. For Kim, who had only SSG to negotiate, it is a bolt from the blue.

SSG is not in a hurry anymore. It leaves room for a reunion, but Kim Min-sik is not essential for the team. “The more catches you have, the better. He has contributed a lot to the team,” SSG General Manager Kim Jae-hyun said, acknowledging Kim Min-sik, but added, “There has been a difference in terms of the amount of money. It is true that things have changed now.”

Kim Min-sik, who was able to get a contract worth at least one billion won (1 million U.S. dollars) for at least three years, should prepare for a much tougher proposal now. In the era of salary cap, it is difficult for a team to offer a pork-barreling contract. In 2015, when the former SK Wyverns was in charge, SSG refused to offer a preferred negotiation period, but signed a contract with more than half the existing conditions to infielders Na Joo-hwan and Lee Jae-young, who returned after a cold spell in the FA. Na had to cry out for 550 million won for one plus one year, and Lee Jae-young for 450 million won for one plus one year.

In the current atmosphere, Kim Min-sik has no choice but to surrender to SSG. All nine other clubs have solid starting pitchers or several starting pitchers. It is a C-rated FA that does not require compensation players, so other teams may be interested in it, but the problem is that the current market value has been greatly reduced. He should be valued as a backup catcher, not a starting pitcher. In many ways, it has become difficult to expect conditions beyond what SSG suggested earlier.

If not, it is a good idea to hold out until the team’s offer, which has a catcher problem after the opening of the season. Pitcher Lee Yong-chan, who was released as an FA from Doosan after the 2020 season, did not receive attention from the market because he was rehabilitating after elbow ligament surgery. Even after the opening of the season, NC, who wanted to reinforce the pitcher, contacted him at the end of his rehabilitation. On May 20, 2021, he signed an FA contract with NC for up to 2.7 billion won for 3+1 years, succeeding in holding out.

Of course, Lee was 32 years old, three years younger than Kim Min-sik, and was highly valuable as a pitcher position needed by any team. Catchers are also a special position, but their needs vary depending on team conditions. It is not known which team will have a vacancy. Waiting until after the opening of the season with uncertainty poses a huge burden to Kim.

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