Jo Sang-woo, Kiwoom’s guardian deity, returned, saying, “I’ve finished my delayed homework… I want to have fun with the season.”

Jo Sang-woo, Kiwoom’s guardian deity, returned, saying, “I’ve finished my delayed homework… I want to have fun with the season.”

Kiwoom has not strengthened its power much in this stove league.

Rather, there was only a leak. Lee Jung-hoo left for the U.S. and Ahn Woo-jin joined the military after the surgery. All internal free agents such as Lim Chang-min and Lee Ji-young left for other teams.

Nevertheless, Kiwoom can develop hope next season because Lee is back. It is Closer Cho Sang-woo (30, Kiwoom).헤라카지노

Cho Sang-woo was called off after working as a social service worker on December 23 last year.

Cho Sang-woo, who was selected as the first-round pick by Nexen in the 2013 rookie draft after graduating from Daejeon High School, made 20 saves in 2019 for the first time since his debut, and took the title in this category with 33 saves in 2020.

However, the team failed to resolve the military issue. Korea competed in the Tokyo Olympics, which was its last chance in 2021, but failed to win a medal.

After returning, Cho Sang-woo is now able to face the new season with ease. Cho Sang-woo has been busy recently. This is because interview requests are flooding in. As such, he is receiving attention from the baseball community.

Even in these days, Cho can enjoy himself. “I feel relieved now,” Cho said in a telephone conversation. “I was called off because I thought I had finished one homework that I had been delayed.”

While serving in the military, Cho Sang-woo silently built his body. “I think I worked out and did that,” he recalled.

I also watched Kiwoom’s games from time to time. “I didn’t watch it often because I often overlapped with the time I spent exercising, but I checked the highlights and game results,” Cho said.

While Cho Sang-woo was gone, Kiwoom’s performance was literally on a rollercoaster ride. In 2022, it advanced to the semi-playoffs by ranking third in the regular season and then to the playoffs and the Korean Series, winning the runner-up prize. However, it finished the season at the bottom of the standings in 2023. Cho’s sense of responsibility is growing.

“Not only me, but all the players will have responsibility,” he said. “Since we finished the season at the bottom last year, shouldn’t we all stick together and perform well this year?”

In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Cho Sang-woo will be assigned at the end of next season. Nevertheless, Cho said, “There were a lot of young players who came up and threw a lot of good balls. I want to talk with them and motivate them to do it together.”

Cho, who said his goal for next season is to play well in a season without getting sick, is excited at the thought of facing batters he has never faced before. In particular, he is looking forward to the showdown with Noh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles, who won the homerun king and the RBI king last season. “His skills have definitely improved compared to before Noh joined the military. I think he has improved a lot,” Cho said. When asked what he would throw the first pitch, he said, “That’s a secret.”

Cho Sang-woo has been working out in Miyazaki, Japan, since the 12th. He plans to raise his pace so that he can welcome the opening of the season by building his body and throwing balls in warm Japan. Kiwoom will hold a spring camp in Taiwan from February.

Cho Sang-woo is already in his 30s. At the Kiwoom mound where many young players are located, the time has come to play the role of a middle and high school veteran. “I’m a player who throws short innings, so I can’t help them all, but I’ll always cheer them up in the dugout or locker room,” Cho said.

I want to play baseball in the new season. “My juniors are all professional players, so I want to have a good season. Rather than leading them, I want to have a good season,” he said. “I want to have a good season. It will be fun when I play baseball well.”

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