“We trust and depend on you, don’t worry about not being able to do it for a month…” The heroes, a 28-year-old ace, said to “this player.”

“We trust and depend on you, don’t worry about not being able to do it for a month…” The heroes, a 28-year-old ace, said to “this player.”

Kiwoom Heroes will officially enter a full-time season without Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants) and Ahn Woo-jin (25, social service personnel). Lee Jung-hoo is a completely departed player, and Ahn Woo-jin will be called off in September 2025, but he still has no record until next year. It is important to keep in mind that he could go to the Major League after 2028.헤라카지노도메인

The second Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin cannot come out overnight. If so, someone should be able to build a pillar and support the team until then. Surprisingly, the Kiwoom mound shows such energy to foreign pitchers. The main character is Ariel Furado (28), who should play as an ace this season.

Lee Jung-hoo unveiled the second major league entry through Kiwoom YouTube channel KumTube on the 16th. Lee Jung-hoo captured the three-week journey on camera in a vlog method, and Kiwoom opened twice on the 15th and 16th. His body became a major leaguer, but his heart is forever a hero. San Francisco also talked about Kiwoom a lot.

Lee Jung-hoo is drawing attention by sharing an episode with Hurado in the early 2023 season. “I remember when Hurado first came. When I didn’t do well at first (slam due to the change in batting form at the beginning of the season), he suddenly called me about a month later,” he said.

Furado told Lee Jung-hoo, “You said you were the captain. You’re young, but we all trust and rely on you. I’m only looking at you. I know you’re having a hard time, but I’m going to help you a lot, so I hope you don’t have a hard time. And everyone knows you’re good. You’ll end up as your average after the season ends anyway.”

Furado also said that he heard the story through Adrian Beltre, which is familiar to Korean Major League fans. Lee Jung-hoo laughed and said, “The only thing I understood (is) the Beltre.” Furado said, “The season is six months. If you do well for three months, your average will come out. So don’t worry too much about not being able to do it for a month. You have five months left in the season, and if you do well for three months out of five months, you’ll get the results you get every year anyway. For you, a month will be more outs. It will be okay if you think you got a lot of outs in advance. I will help you.”

Looking back at Hurado’s sincere comfort, Lee Jung-hoo said, “I remember that. I was surprised. A foreign player called me and told me.” A domestic agency employee who heard Lee Jung-hoo was also surprised and said, “Hurado is so naive, but he knows how to say that.”

Furado experienced the KBO League for one month at that time. Even as a foreign player, he failed to adjust to the KBO League, and how can he give advice and comfort to a leading hitter who was experiencing a slump? Furado seems to have a big heart in his mind, not just for himself but for the entire team. Coach Hong Won-ki once praised Furado for his broad-mindedness during the season.

Furado displayed robust performance in 30 games last season with 11 wins, eight losses and an earned run average of 2.65. With many strong foreign aces including Eric Peddy (aged 31, Chicago White Sox), Furado pitched really well. Despite poor performance and poor performance, he pitched well. He ranked sixth with a WAR of 6.03, which is based on statistics site for baseball. He ranked second overall among foreign players after Peddy (7.29).

There is a fastball in the early 150km range, but it does not depend on it. Four-seam and two-seam were in the late 20% range, and sliders, change-ups, and curves were used at the late 10% ratio. You can cook batters with various balls. This season without Ahn Woo-jin, Kiwoom needs to play the role of a strong ace to throw a winning move.

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