Without hesitation, he signed the minimum salary contract… He returned to his mother’s house in crisis

Without hesitation, he signed the minimum salary contract… He returned to his mother’s house in crisis

“Legend” Daniele Derosi, who served as AS Roma’s acting manager after Jose Mourinho’s replacement, will receive the minimum salary.라바카지노주소

On the 16th (Korean time), Derosi was announced as the manager of Rome. Roma broke up with Mourinho, the great manager of the team who led the team for about two and a half years. Problems included his ranking, which fell to ninth place in the Italian Serie A, and his tendency to frequently collide with outsiders of the club. Instead, Derosi was a star midfielder who rose to the rank of legend by playing for Roma from 2001 to 2019. Although he has a humble leadership experience, he immediately caught his former team when it reached out to him in crisis.

According to local media such as Sky Sports Italy, Derosi did not hesitate when he received Rome’s offer. He signed the contract that Rome offered without an agent.

If he was treated well, it would be natural for him to sign the contract immediately, but he is known to have the condition of the minimum annual salary. Compared to general salaries of professional team coaches, Derosi’s salary is close to “service.” In other words, Derosi, who once earned the highest salary in Serie A when he was a player, chose loyalty over money.

Instead, there are bonus clauses that can be received if they reach the final 4th place and advance to the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

It is known that Derosi does not intend to make significant changes in tactics. Local dailies such as “Gachetta Delo Sport” plan to add more aggressive colors to Mourinho’s recent 3-5-2 formation with 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-2-1 formation. The move is aimed at adding unexpected results to the strikers.

The injury that has plagued the team since Mourinho’s time cannot go away overnight. However, top technician Paulo Dybala is expected to be available. Unlike Mourinho’s preference for Romelu Lukaku and Dybala two-top, Derosi could add striker Andrea Belotti to this, or start attacking midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini with him.

It is a big blow that key defender Gianluca Mancini and midfielder Brayan Cristante cannot play at his debut match. His debut match will take place at Stadio Olimpico, Rome’s home stadium, on Tuesday against Elas Verona. The stadium will likely be filled by Roman citizens who have been rooting for him since he was a player.

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