“Here We Go” Romano! Perisic is about to return to his old team… “Entering the final stage.”

“Here We Go” Romano! Perisic is about to return to his old team… “Entering the final stage.”

Tottenham Hotspur winger Ivan Perisic is one step closer to returning to his former team.

“Perisic’s return to the Haiduk Split is progressing well. Now he is entering the final stage. Perisic is eager to make history in his club,” said Fabrizio Romano, a reporter specializing in the transfer market.

Perisic, who started his career as a winger, changed his position at Inter Milan. Antonio Conte replaced Perisic as the left wing-back. Perisic, who won the Serie A title with Conte in the 2020/21 season of Inter, scored 10 goals and nine assists in 49 official matches in the 2021/22 season.월카지노

Perisic joined Tottenham as a free agent in the summer of 2022. Conte suddenly recruited Perisic, who was his student. Perisic had one goal and 12 assists in 44 games last season. Although he revealed problems in defense, he struggled by providing quality crosses in offensive situations.

Perisic became a substitute when Conte left and Enze Postecoglou took over. Perisic played in matches from time to time as a substitute but suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament during training in September last year. Perisic was ruled out for this season.

Postecoglou recently said about Perisic that he will no longer play for Tottenham. In fact, he hinted at breaking up with Perisic. The probability of Perisic continuing his contract with Tottenham, which expires in the summer, has been extremely low.

The club mentioned as Perisic’s next destination is his old team, Haiduk. Haiduk is the team where Perisic spent his youth. Tottenham is said to accept a loan transfer for the rest of the season.

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