Hair length and soccer skills don’t matter’…What matters is Cho Kyu-sung’s position, ‘Do you remember how he pushed out Hwang Ui-jo?’

Hair length and soccer skills don’t matter’…What matters is Cho Kyu-sung’s position, ‘Do you remember how he pushed out Hwang Ui-jo?’

It was a rough start for the Korean national team. The team tied 2-2 against Jordan, one team lower than the other, in the second Group E match at the 2023 Asian Cup. That also barely made it.

Korea was pushed to second place in the group, and Korean soccer fans, whose pride had been damaged when they were caught by the underdog, got angry. We needed a scapegoat to relieve that anger. We found the right target. It is Cho Kyu-sung, a striker.랭크카지노주소

Cho was ordered to start in both the first and second matches against Bahrain. However, he displayed sluggish performance. He was not just sluggish but extremely sluggish. He blew away all critical chances. Two in the match against Bahrain and two in the match against Jordan. He also has zero effective shots, let alone goals.

The match against Bahrain won 3-1 and let it go, but the soccer fans ruthlessly shot arrows of criticism at Cho Kyu-sung as they failed to win the match against Jordan.

Coincidentally, Cho Kyu-sung adheres to his unique hairstyle. He has long hair. He has long hair. He wears a headband when playing in matches. An angry fan’s arrow is focusing on this. Many people are posting messages of criticism on his social networking sites, in which he falls over his hair.

Cho Kyu-sung is poor because of his hair. He looks cool. He has a celebrity disease. The bottom line is to cut your hair.

Their anger is understandable to some extent, but it goes too far. It’s a criticism for criticism. It’s just a criticism with no meaning, no lessons or direction. It’s a familiar scene. Some fans pick a scapegoat and detonate ridiculous accusation bombs.

I got it wrong again. Hair length and soccer skills do not matter. Many players with long hair have shown the best performances from the past to the present. There are many world-class stars, too. For example, Elling Holland. Is there any other explanation.

It is personality. It is a way to appeal to one’s own charm. It is an area that must be respected. Legally and morally, there is nothing wrong with long hair. And there is no scientific basis that long hair lowers performance. 

To properly point out Cho’s poor performance, one must look elsewhere. It is not known exactly why Cho, the hero of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is so sluggish at the Asian Cup. What is certain, however, is that if we fail to reverse the trend, we will lose ground in the national team. Very quickly, too.  

Regardless of whether you have long or short hair, if this slump persists, anyone will inevitably fall behind in the race for the starting lineup. There is no leader who can tolerate it until the end, especially in major competitions. Therefore, Cho Kyu-sung does not have much time and opportunity is running out.

Do you remember how Cho became a hero in the Qatar World Cup and took the starting position of the national team? Cho Kyu-sung It was because of the poor performance of Hwang Ui-jo, the former national team’s flagship striker. Cho had a chance due to his poor performance against Uruguay in the first match of the Qatar World Cup. Cho took advantage of that opportunity and is able to be where he is. Through an internal process that is common and natural in the soccer team, Cho was able to push back Hwang.  

The national team’s flagship striker now is Cho Kyu-sung. He can’t be an exception. This process can proceed again. If the slump continues, someone will take Cho’s place, and if he takes advantage of the opportunity, Cho Kyu-sung will shine and disappear for a very short period of time. It is a series of hardships from being pushed back to coming forward again. No matter how much time passes, there is no guarantee.

Cho Kyu-sung said, “It is time to reflect on how he leaped to the starting lineup of the national team. It is not time to relax. That position is very precarious now. He can become a scapegoat for the birth of a new star. It is time to bet everything on himself.

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