Samsung’s chronic disease, which continues to be the “lowest” at one point

Samsung’s chronic disease, which continues to be the “lowest” at one point

Professional basketball Samsung’s sluggishness continues. The team lost to KCC on the 21st, leading to a six-game losing streak. Its 2023-2024 season is the lowest with 5 wins and 27 losses. It is the only team out of 10 professional basketball teams that has not won double digits. A long slump continues. Samsung, which has not easily escaped from its slump, is facing the disgrace of being last for three consecutive years for the first time in professional basketball history since its launch in 1997.라바카지노주소

Shock therapy was also useless. Former coach Eun Hee-seok, who took the helm since April 2022, voluntarily resigned on Dec. 21 last year, taking responsibility for his poor performance. Afterwards, Kim Hyo-beom will lead the team. Kim tried to create a different atmosphere by breathing with players from the beginning of the warm-up process. At the match against Sono on Thursday, he tasted joy of his first win under Kim.

Joy fell into a quagmire of losing consecutive games for a while. Even though he appears to be biting the opponent, it does not always lead to victory. In the professional world, it is hard to focus only on the process. “The biggest problem is my game management,” Kim pointed out the issue, and said, “The second is the players’ sense of defeat. I stress to my recent players that I should not stay in the past. Even if I make a mistake, I need someone to lead me to any of the five players on the court.”

“Fortunately, the players said everyone can do it. If you do it together, it would be perfect. I believe the teamwork will be stronger,” he said.

However, the problem is not solved easily. In the match against KCC on the 20th, Samsung, which had been leading until the first half, lost its lead instantly by 14-27 in the third quarter. After giving up the lead once, Samsung failed to bring back the flow and kneeled down. Having a good game and collapsing instantly is a chronic problem for Samsung that lasts throughout the season.

“The same goes for me, and I think the players also think that the gap should not widen,” Kim said. “If you don’t concentrate on playing and make an effort, there is no hope. Even if the gap widens, I think we need to keep injecting.”

“If players catch at least one game while playing close matches, they have hope that they can do it, but they have yet to produce a result. We have to keep trying,” he said.

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