“High jump star.” Choi Jinwoo and Woo Sanghyuk are sharing a meal together

“High jump star.” Choi Jinwoo and Woo Sanghyuk are sharing a meal together

Yongin City in Gyeonggi Province has recruited a large number of excellent players, including signing Choi Jin-woo, the “second Woo Sang-hyuk.”

Yongin City Hall recently recruited 10 competent players who have performed well in domestic and international competitions and renewed contracts with eight players whose contracts have expired, including Woo Sang-hyuk.마카오카지노

The most notable athlete is Choi Jin-woo (19), a promising Korean track and field athlete. Choi Jin-woo, who will graduate from Ulsan Sports Science High School this year, has completed a two-year contract with Yongin City Hall until December 2025, and will be sharing a room with Woo.

Choi Jin-woo is a big-time rising star to succeed Woo Sang-hyuk, the world’s top jumper. He won the title at the Under-18 Asian Championship in 2022 (2m21) and ranked second at the Under-20 Asian Championship (2m20) in 2023. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, he advanced to the final and ranked 10th (2m15). His personal best in high school was 2m23.

Choi Jin-woo said, “Just watching Woo Sang-hyuk is very helpful, and it’s an honor to train right next to him.”

The rowing team recruited Cameron Martin Laurie, a rookie with a unique resume. Laurie was born to a Korean mother and an English father and played as a rower in England.

Rory, who already ranked first in the head and rigata eight (8 seats) in the “2023 All-British College Championship” last year, will train with Lee Sang-min and Lee Hak-beom, who joined together.

Kendo’s Kim Kwan-soo, who was selected for this year’s national team, stands out, and in Taekwondo, Cha Ye-eun, the No. 1 pumsae player at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and Park In-ho, who finished second in the 87kg or less at last year’s final competition for the Korean national team, were recruited.

Park Min-seo (bowling), a former youth national team player in 2023, Kim Han-soo, who ranks first in the -90kg class at the “14th Cheongpunggi National Judo Tournament,” and Park Hee-won, who ranks first in the -73kg class at the “World Military Judo Championship 2023” are also drawing attention.

An official from Yongin City said, “Excellent athletes have been reinforced in the workplace sports department of Yongin Special City Hall,” adding, “We expect that we will be able to promote the city by performing well at various competitions this year.”

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